KFC Twister: The Perfect Movie Snack

We have our fair share of movie time snack favorites. Some people might like the ever reliable popcorn while some might prefer candies or chips. Us we like Buy-the-Bucket nachos or Supreme Fries most of the time. Recently, we discovered a new snack by KFC and after taking that first bite, we just couldn't stop eating. Read more to find out about the KFC Twister.

The KFC Twister is a toasted tortilla wrap with crunchy chicken fillet mixed with pepperoni, pizza tomato sauce and oozing mozzarella cheese. Just thinking about it makes us salivate right now.

So how did this become the perfect movie snack? The KFC Twister is in fact an on-the-go snack. As you can see, it sits easily inside a carton box. You can eat it and be not messy at all - eating a popcorn is messier than this one in fact. What are you waiting for then? Try the KFC Twister the next time you watch a movie. Just go to the nearest KFC outlet and order one and we promise you will come back for more.

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