Michael Jackson's This Is It: Movie Review

Who could ever forget June 25, 2009? Everything changed for us that day and we can say that for the whole world as well. We remember waking up and turning on the television just to see something on CNN that was unbelievable; maybe it was our weary eyes from the sleep that caused us to see those words. Words that sunk in eventually – that Michael Jackson was dead. MJ is perhaps the most hated yet most loved performer of all time. When he was alive, controversies ran abound but on his death, everything changed in an instant and this just shows how great the man was. “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” promises to give us a glimpse of the final curtain call MJ announced last year. Can this rehearsal concert be a fitting end to MJ’s legacy?

“Michael Jackson’s This Is It” is composed of snippets from Michael Jackson’s rehearsals on the Staples Center for his upcoming London Tour, “This Is It”. The footage was never intended for public consumption but primarily just for Michael’s private library. “This Is It” will give us a glimpse on what the concert tour should have looked like. It will also let us see Michael Jackson performing just before his untimely death.

Watching “This Is It” will make you stare in awe and amazement. “Is this guy really 50 years old?” was the first thing that came to our minds. This is not the drug-induced, frail, sick man that was portrayed to us by the popular media. No, MJ can still do it - singing, dancing and much, much more. And considering that was yet to be a hundred percent performance, he was truly phenomenal. In some moments, he even looked liked he was doing moves he did when he was in his twenties. The movie also shows how meticulous he was with his music. Even the littlest of notes were scrutinized yet even with his very stringent manner, he was always soft spoken towards his peers.

Visually, the film was almost perfect albeit some videos were shot at a lower bit rate. We wished the film had chosen to go with the high definition videos all the time but considering how limited material they had, this did not really affect our experience. Audio-wise, it was perfect as much as the video was. The film did give justice to Michael Jackson and his music. By the end of the film, it will make you smile and yet some sadness still creeps in as you wonder what could have been if MJ lived (How much amazing “This Is It” was going to become had it pushed through). For us though, we were satisfied with “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”. This is not the dumb-down version some people expected. MJ fans (and even non-fans) should definitely watch this.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- seeing Michael in his purest form is phenomenal indeed
- watch the very last gift he wanted to share to the world

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- if you expected something much more complete and finished, you might be disappointed.

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  1. Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT is an incredible and brilliant movie. You just cannot deny his talent. Forget the hype, forget the scandal, Michael Jackson at his core was special and out of this world. Everything he does/did turns to gold at one point or another. Just look at the collectibles market now too. Some rare and hard to find Michael Jackson collectibles have taken quite a jump


  2. It was really fantastic and it made me crazy with super dances of Michael Jackson. When I was too little I imitate him. But I could never be like him. When I was young i became a huge fan of him. When I heard that he passed away I could not bear and I cried, cried and cried throughout the week. By the by This Is It was marvelous movie

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Yeah, Michael Jackson was truly one of a kind.

    We are just happy to have experienced him. He is the Mozart of our time!

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi Clemn,

    We too cried especially seeing his videos being played on MTV and Channel V. The man is irreplaceable and dying at an age where he was supposed to turn around his life makes it gloomier.

    Anyway, thanks for giving your opinion about MJ. We hope to hear from you again in our other reviews.

  5. i want to see this, but the tickets are expensive and i can't afford it. :(

  6. If that is the case, just think how much the DVD version of this would cost..a lot, lot more. Plus the lead time you will wait for it to come out!

    We hope you can find a way to watch this film right now because it is really worth it!

  7. It would've been a fantastic final concert. the dancing "chandeliers", pyrotechnics, 3D visuals... grabe super production number!! sobrang sayang talaga. :(

  8. Hi CatO,

    Yeah, super sayang talaga. I wish kahit one concert natuloy man lang! Oh well, such is life as they say!

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