Pandorum: Movie Review

Without a doubt, a lot of people remember "Aliens" - who could ever forget that feeling of hyper claustrophobia that a dark ship in space brings? The medium has been used several times and certainly, quite a few proved to be successful with this attempt. "Pandorum" excites us as it looks like it has huge potential to actually not be a stinker. It also has been a long time already since we watched a sci-fi flick with monsters on the loose. See if "Pandorum" sucked or not, after the jump.

The movie starts off with Payton (Dennis Quaid) and Bower (Ben Foster), both waking up from their hyper-sleep inside the space ship Elysium. Elysium was launched years ago, carrying thousands and out to reach a planet similar to Earth that can be inhabited by humans. Both guys have amnesia, and they find their ship out of power and without the crew. What happened, what year is it and where are the others? Things start to get more confusing and terrifying as they realize that monsters rule the ship. They now have to work together in order to find out what went wrong, and to get the ship up and running again. Along the way, they find themselves in the company of other humans who’ve been fighting the monsters for a long time.

"Pandorum" couldn’t help but feel that it wasn’t able to reach its full potential. The experience is indeed suspenseful with the very dark and tight ship. Another accolade for the film is probably its unique storyline and surprise twist regarding the ship's fate feels like a mish-mash of storylines and sci-fi flicks. We wanted more from it and by the end of the movie, what leaves a satisfying feeling. But these positive things cannot solely save this film. The experience was really ruined by plot holes and continuity problems between scenes. Most of the time, you will be second-guessing why or what is actually happening on screen. There are less reveals and more questions being thrown at the viewer. Like the actual state of Pandorum wherein one loses his mind, the same thing can be said about the movie. "Pandorum" is indeed lost - completely lost in itself.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- Darkness and the tight ship will leave you feeling scared most of the time
- The plot is unique in its own right and the ending will surprise you for sure

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- Huge continuity problems seem to plague the movie
- Felt like a mish-mash of storylines and other sci-fi films

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  1. yes ur right, dont know the real PANDORUM in the movie. still asking my self why i watch the movie and spending my hard earned 150 pesos..anyhow it is about another planet in the future.

  2. Hi Boy Kalawang!

    Well, we can't do much about wasting our hard earned cash already right? Just hoping the next batch of films in the coming weeks will be way better!

    Oh by the way, thanks for commenting again! :)