Ang Tanging Pamilya (A Marry Go Round): Movie Review

After the tandem of Wenn Deramas and Ai-Ai Delas Alas in the box office hit "Ang Tanging Ina" six years ago, we cannot remember any project from both of them that actually came close to the 2003 movie. "Ang Tanging Ina" was such a hit because it was genuinely funny, smartly written and most importantly, original at the time. The tandem is back again with "Ang Tanging Pamilya (A Marry Go Round)". The film is former president Joseph Estrada’s comeback movie, as well as the very first big screen debut of Pacman's mom, Aling Dionisia. The all star cast looks like a promising recipe for a laugh out loud family movie. Will this become a political platform for Erap? Can Aling Dionisia be more than what she really is capable of? Would this film actually merit another spin-off of "Ang Tanging Ina?" See our review after the jump.

Charlie (Toni Gonzaga) is in a long distance relationship with Prince (Sam Milby), who one day appears on her doorstep and asks for her hand in marriage. Charlie’s dad (Joseph Estrada) is not quite convinced of Prince’s intent so he puts Prince into all kinds of tests and hard labor. Things even got messier as Charlies’s mom (Ai Ai Delas Alas) comes into conflict with Prince’s mom (Dionisia Pacquiao). Will Charlie and Prince get their happy ending and will the wedding ever happen?

Throughout the movie, we could not help but ask ourselves “Aren’t stories important anymore for local writers?” We could not understand how Star Cinema could even allow such a script to pass. The story was so confused, forced and shallow that there were times wherein we could not figure out why the scene in front of us was happening in the first place. Our heads were already hurting halfway through the film with all the innate stupidity happening on screen. Some scenes were funny, but more often than not, we wished we never entered the movie house. Ai-ai was consistent and both Toni and Sam were okay. We only wished they did not star on this film as it was a total waste of their talents. We feel that Joseph Estrada might be losing his charm already. As for Dionisia Pacquaio, not bad for her first movie although we felt that she just showed one facial expression from her first to the last scene. Overall, we wished we did not even bother watching this one as there was nothing much to like and nothing worth looking forward to.

Rating: .5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- some scenes will leave you entertained and laughing, but that's just about it!

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- purely chaotic movie, with scenes here and there that do not mesh well together
- terrible story; definitely a waste of time and money

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  1. Lol. I expected as much. congratulations for having the stomach to finish such a bad movie!! :p

  2. Well, it did give us some laughs especially with how preposterous some scenes were!

    Thanks for the comment Mighty!

  3. well I just want to watch 2012...I am just dying for it.
    Hope the world learns something from these great movies.


  4. Hi Sourav!

    You can read our review of 2012 here:


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