More Than a Game: Movie Review

A documentary about Lebron James and his high school cohorts intrigues us indeed. It was made before stardom struck Lebron but one cannot rub off the feeling that this was released just to ride on his fame and fortune. Hopefully we are wrong but we won't be surprised if "More Than a Game" will just be primarily about Lebron and no one else (which might affect its overall quality for sure). We are doubtful as well how this would be successful as film documentaries definitely have a knack for becoming boring and uninspiring. Can "More Than a Game" be more than what we expect it to be? Jump the gun to find out our verdict.

"More Than a Game" chronicles the life of five kids - kids who grew up to be one of the best high school lineups in America's history with one unlikely coach who went with them all the way. The team is composed of Lebron James (the star of the team and eventually becoming an NBA superstar after high school), Dru Joyce III (the smallest of the bunch but the one with the biggest heart), Sian Cotton, Romeo Travis (the troubled one) and Willie McGee. They are known as the Fab Five and we will experience their trials and tribulations from an unknown upstart into becoming the top team in the U.S.

What we can say about "More Than a Game" is that it lived up against our expectations and added so much more. Some may argue that this could have been presented as a documentary on television but we actually do not mind because it was really that good. It did not bore us and most of the time, we were up on our feet with suspense on what will happen next on screen. That shows how good the pacing for this film documentary is. The visual style was great, the audio and presentation was stupendous and the interviews even better. We were also happy to see that it was not a "Lebron plus the other four" documentary as each player got equal narratives - even the coach's life was presented perfectly. The only sad part about "More Than a Game" is it had to end and that it is on a limited release here in our country.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- it was never boring even suspenseful at times
- an inside look on how basketball is truly more than a game plus the interviews were really great
- it is not all King James here as all the Fab Five got equal narratives

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- it could have been shown on television and the experience would have been the same
- some people just do not like documentaries period

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