The Bad Lieutenent: Port of Call New Orleans: Movie Review

Lady luck has not been on Nicolas Cage's side for quite some time now. Movie after movie turns out to be huge flops for the guy (perhaps except the "National Treasure" films). Dare we proclaim that Nicolas Cage is the Eddie Murphy of the action genre? Now, Nicolas Cage has a new movie to boot with "The Bad Lieutenant: Port if Call New Orleans", a remake of a 1992 crime-drama film. It seems to us that the bad streak for Nicolas Cage might just continue forth with this new attempt. Honestly, things are not looking good right from the get-go as the film gives off a lackluster feel. Read on to find out our final say on the film.

Terrence McDonagh (Nicolas Cage) has always been a good cop, not until a bad back injury hit him after saving a trapped prisoner during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. This permanent back injury will give Terrence severe back pains for the rest of his life. In time, Terrence has become addicted to his medications and then to illegal drugs to relieve himself from the pain. His dependence to drugs makes him do the unthinkable - steal drug evidence. This will soon connect him to a drug dealer named Big Fate (Xzibit) - a man who murdered an innocent family.

"The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans" is not a bad attempt for Nicolas Cage. In fact, this is several notches up from his past films. First things first, Nicolas Cage was just phenomenal on this film. His acting was superb - it was as if his character, Terrence McDonagh, was made for him. The story is also a strength of this movie. The story was well-written and although some of it may be too over-the-top to be true, it still had us gasping from time to time. We were also satisfied with the things that happened in the end. Too bad though that this film suffers from scenes that are otherworldly and an overall production that feels a tad lower than the usual Hollywood film. "The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call News Orleans" is just an average joe action film, not bad for Cage.

Rating: 3.5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- Nicolas Cage was brilliant to say the least
- A story that is creative and has a surprising conclusion

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- has some scenes that will make your jaw drop with its absurdity
- needs a lot of improvement in its production values

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  1. I haven't watch this movie yet but it looks interesting.

  2. It is more than what you expect from Nicolas Cage and it has an interesting story.

    Maybe a rental in the future would suffice?

  3. Nicolas Cage, one of the best actor & Eva Mendes, One of the sexiest actoress,this movie has to be good. It really seems interesting.

  4. Great starcast..i think the movie is just going to rock.