Nobody, Nobody but Juan: Movie Review

They boast "Nobody, Nobody but Juan" was conceptualized in thirty minutes. They also say that what initially inspired this movie is the mega-hit "Slumdog Millionaire". They tell us this movie is a tribute to celebrate Dolphy's 65th Anniversary as a performer and as a celebrity. "Nobody, Nobody but Juan" says a lot of things - shallow, mindless and senseless things. Worse, their claims all seem to point out that they have a lot of responsibility to feed on. Who in there right mind would actually think that proclaiming a movie as rushed would be a good thing? "Nobody, Nobody but Juan" seems like a hopeless case right from the start. Read on to find out if it surprises or disappoints.

The movie starts in 1944. As we all know, this is the time where the Philippines was being controlled by the Japanese. In one of the theaters in Manila, the front act is Juan (Jeffrey Quizon) & Tu (Vandolph). During one of their acts, Manila is bombed. Juan promises that he will never leave their side until they grow old. Fast forward to present time, we discover that Juan (Dolphy) is in the U.S. living at an elder's home owned by his son (Eric Quizon). Juan's favorite past time is watching "Wowowee" in the Filipino Channel. When his son bans him and his friends from watching the show, they all revolt. When he finds his passport and bank account passbook, he decides to go to the Philippines and watch "Wowowee" live.

"Nobody, Nobody but Juan" did surprise, but not in a good way. It was actually worse than what we were expecting, despite our low expectations. In a nutshell, the movie just did not know what it wanted to be. Is this really for Dolphy or was it just made to promote "Wowowee" and the The Filipino Channel? You cannot label this as inspired by "Slumdog Millionaire" just because a television show was used as a primary medium for the film. Also, if this was conceptualized in 30 minutes, then it feels the whole production was made at the same time. The plot was simpleton at best but it was terribly scattered. Huge plot holes happen and some mini stories never really finish themselves. For example, the helpers at the Elder's home are discovered to be illegal aliens and the Police demand they need to be deported. This never goes anywhere. in fact, they even prance around until the end of the film. Flashbacks, half of the time, were pointless. Acting might have been a bit better but really not worth mentioning either. In summary, this is amateur hour and we think calling this as a tribute to Dolphy's career is a blasphemy. We just couldn't see anything good with this film, not one bit. We feel sad for Dolphy knowing this film just does not deserve his name on it or should be marketed as a gift to him. What this film spells out is a family affair of the Quizons - a family affair gone wrong.

Rating: 0 reels

Why you should watch it:
- no reason to really watch this so-called "movie"

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- essentially everything was mind-warping useless
- plot was simple but really scattered
- plot holes abound
- bad acting for most of the Quizons
- you just paid to watch "Wowowee" which you can definitely get for free

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