The Rebound: Sneak Peek

Funny thing about love is that it can hit you when you least expect it. Ironically sometimes it happens when you are not looking for someone at all, it can also happen when you are trying to mend a broken heart. But while you are just opening up to the idea of this special someone, it can be threatened by something like an age gap. In the romantic comedy titled "The Rebound", Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha portray two people, Sandy and Aram, who have been terribly wronged and end up finding each other. Trouble is, she is already 40 and he is just 24. Read on to find out more on "The Rebound".

After discovering that her husband is cheating on her, Sandy (Catherine Zeta-Jones) moves to New York with her son and daughter. There she meets Aram Finkelstein (Justin Bartha) - young and newly-divorced after finding out that his French wife only married him for a green card. Both going through rough times and trying to start anew, Sandy and Aram become friends in no time. To keep up with her new job, Sandy even trusts Aram to babysit her kids. Aram charms them and pretty soon all four of them appear like one happy family. The attraction between Sandy and Aram blossoms even deeper. But meeting resistance from their friends, can they prove that what they have is something that can last forever?

Moviegoers are expected to enjoy one particular big comedic scene. It is where Sandy is in a self defense class and works herself up into a final fury and falls on top of Aram who's inside a ridiculous Sumo suit. Catherine Zeta-Jones also refers to this same scene as one of her favorites. Treat yourself to a witty and fresh tale of a cougar affair next year.

The Rebound hits the theaters on January 8, 2010. It is Viva International Pictures’ first salvo for the new year.

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