Two Lovers: Movie Review

Who among you are aware that there is a movie now showing in our theaters, entitled "Two Lovers"? Probably only a few know since it was not marketed well in the Philippines nor was it even a movie that was widely released last year in the United States. Actually, it is only showing in a very few Ayala Cinemas here in the Metro. Some things just do not need to have a loud buzz to intrigue people. "Two Lovers" has been garnering excellent reviews all around the internet. We feel that "Two Lovers" is like your best kept hideaway - only a close circle of friends know but it truly is a magical place to be in. Sadly, this is also Joaquin Phoenix's last film. Can he make a befitting end to a very solid career? Find out our take of the movie after the jump.

The movie starts with Leonard Kraditor (Joaquin Phoenix) trying to end his life by jumping off the bridge. We soon find out that he has a bi-polar disorder, living with his parents and trying to get over a failed relationship. He soon meets Sandra (Vinessa Shaw), a daughter of a family friend who is attracted to Leonard ever since she saw him in Leonard's family business - a laundry store. She is everything he could ever want and need: stable, good hearted, beautiful and understanding. However, he meets his new neighbor Michelle (Gwyneth Paltrow). Michelle is a troubled girl, in-love with a married man and uses drugs every now and then. For some reason, he finds himself crazy about the troubled and needy girl. Who will he pick? Who will he end up with?

"Two Lovers" will affect you deeply for sure. It is an honest depiction of what real-life love is - there are no fairy tale stories here as this is a serious look into one's struggle in finding true love. The whole time, the mood of the film will be dark and somber - completely different than the usual fare of romantic movies. Come to think of it, this might be just as effective as "500 Days of Summer", only doing everything else in opposite. Props to Joaquin Phoenix for his superb acting. He depicted his character so well - definitely a fitting end to his career and something inside of us just hopes that this won't be his last. Some may find the film a bit on the slow side and this might affect their experience of the movie. You will find a twist towards the end that will leave you surprised and at the same time, satisfied. Hope you'll get the chance to see this movie as this is definitely a must-watch.

Rating: 4.5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- very honest depiction of complicated love stories happening in real life
- superb acting from actors, most especially Joaquin Phoenix

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- may appear to slow for someone who is looking for action

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  1. I doubt this will be Joaquin's last movie. I think he'll be back... after his rapping career fails :)

  2. It still boggles us what made Joaquin Phoenix pursue rap in the first place! It a lost cause!