Messengers 2: The Scarecrow: Sneak Peek

In 2007, "The Messengers", produced by Sam Raimi (who gave us "Drag Me To Hell") became a blockbuster hit. The creepy scenes, the winning cinematography, and convincing acting of the cast, including Kristen Stewart all contributed to its smashing success. Now, as 2010 begins, let us uncover the story of John Rollins — the man who caused dread to the Solomon family in the first film – in the much anticipated horror flick, "Messengers 2: The Scarecrow". And for the second time around, witness horrific curses that will scare you out of your wits.

John Rollins, played by one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors, Norman Reedus, is desperate to save his farm from ruin. A strange scarecrow, which he finds in his barn, seems to be his lucky charm as the field’s condition improves. But not for long. Events that are terrifyingly inexplicable start to occur and John himself feels he is losing his sanity. This adversely affects his relationship with his family.

The storyline by Todd Farmer, who also penned "The Messengers", appealed at once to Director Martin Barnewitz. Not new to directing thrillers, he says that “horror films become more scary once a connection to something real has been made and if the characters have something emotional at stake.” Such is the case in this prequel movie. He gives credit to Norman Reedus for really immersing himself into the character of John Rollins, and even coming up with an idea that he is being possessed by a dark force, which will heighten the audience’s feeling of intrigue and terror. Director Barnewitz also has good words for Heather Stephens, who plays Mary Rollins. “She gave a lot of warmth and life to the character. The contrast between the more emotional and extrovert wife and the introverted, brooding husband worked well. They bounced off each other and their performances came to life,” the director concludes.

With the same elements like a solid plot, creepy tone and credible acting, seen in "The Messengers", experience and relive the terror in its prequel, "Messengers 2: The Scarecrow" as it opens in theaters on February 3, 2010. This is a release by Viva International Pictures.

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