Paano Na Kaya: Movie Review

You only hear one other song on television and radio aside from the political jingles these days - the theme song for the new Kimerald movie, "Paano Na Kaya". In fact, you can hear the song almost anywhere that we were pretty hyped up about the movie. Star Cinema does its formula once again in promoting their latest film: get a hit song as the movie’s theme, name the movie after the song’s title, and keep playing the theme song until everyone can’t wait to see the film. Believe it or not, this has been effective for quite some time now as almost every movie from Star Cinema rakes millions in ticket sales. Read on to see if the offering of the hottest love team today, Kim Chui and Gerald Anderson is worth the ticket price.

As most people would say, the best person to fall in love with is your best friend. Mae Chua (Kim Chiu) and Bogs Marasigan (Gerard Anderson) have been best friends for too long until Mae starts to feel something more than friendship. After Bogs breaks up with long time girlfriend Anna (Melissa Ricks), Mae has done nothing but be there for Bogs, even putting Bogs’ needs before hers. Mae finally professes her love for Bogs and the two navigate their way through their new found relationship. Things get complicated when Anna comes back to try to fix things with Bogs.

With all the hype about "Paano Na Kaya", we were not surprised that the movie did not turn out to be good. The hype came from all the promotion, not from people saying how good it was. However, we would like to emphasize that the movie was not really bad either. Despite having a lot of potential, the way some of the dramatic lines were written led to the movie’s downfall. There were two instances on top of our head wherein we feel the heavy drama and emotions before us; the great moment was there only to be ruined by some cliché line or perhaps some bad wording. For instance, who in their right mind would still add the line “It’s not you, it’s me?!” in a movie? Come on, it’s like the most cliché breakup line ever. It would have been better if they mixed the line with some Tagalog words. We were also disappointed with how the story was developed and promoted, what we thought would be a “falling in love with your best friend” story actually ended after the first 20 minutes of the movie. The focus became the struggle of the characters to figure out if the platonic-turned-romantic relationship is a rebound or not. Also, we were starting to get frustrated – why is it that main characters of our local films always have family problems they have to deal with? Are these problems even necessary?

We were pretty impressed with Kim Chiu’s acting, she played her part really well and her emotions were genuine. Gerald Anderson on the other hand seemed off, he had some good moments but there was one scene wherein he could not even shed a tear. If the love team was not so popular, we felt that some other guy can play the role of Bogs. Unless you are a big Kimerald fan or an avid supporter of local films, forget all the hype and make sure you skip this one. There may be a lot of “falling for your best friend” movies that are better than this.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you’ve experienced falling in love with your best friend, you might want to see if you can relate with this one
- no reason not to see this one if you’re a big Kim-Gerald fan.

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- stay far away if you hate cheesyness and all the mush
- really bad script; we would be really surprised if they say that they spent a lot of time writing it

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  1. they really know how to overkill exposure... this film is one of those overrated movies, leaving the viewer feeling empty after. i hope to see the day that they'll just make the movie "speak" for itself, and down with oversaturation in the boobtube pa lang.

  2. Watching the movie felt like I was being mocked. How could you take a movie like that seriously?

    The movie started on a happy note and then immediately halfway through, it all turned to mush and tears. The whole one hour and fifty minutes of the film felt like torture.

    With a plot that has too much potential, it was a dud. And I agree, who uses "It's not you, it's me" line anymore?

    The only thing that kept me in the movie is the shoes.

  3. Hey Anonymous,

    Yeah maybe some of our presidentiables and the like may learn something from this and vice versa.

    People should learn that a jingle/trailer won't define a good movie more so a person.

  4. i'll only watch this movie because of robi domingo XD

  5. Hi Monica,

    We ourselves couldn't believe what we heard. Maybe you were one of those who laughed upon hearing that line. Maybe you also remember the line, "Pero shinota mo ako!" - another "classic"

    Thanks for the comment and we hope you could visit us again.

  6. Obviously, with your so-called reviews you are just playing intellectual. I suggest you lower your "high" (nga ba?) standard and stop being a critic because YOU ARE NOT!

    YOU ARE SO PATHETIC. Walang pumapansin sa mga reviews mo kaya ginagamit mo sina Kim and Gerald just to get their fans attention.

    Be real or else get lost! Dissappear! Tsupe!

  7. i really love this movie, one of the best! im not saying this because im a fan of kim and gerald or i can relate to the story but i really think that it is a good story and the actors are really good especially kim chiu.

  8. Excellent review of the movieI I'm a great fan of Kimerald but this movie "Pano na Kaya" did'nt quite meet my expectation. I expect it to equal the Sarah/John Lloyd tandem, but it did'nt do well. Kim Chu and Gerald's roles are not fit for their age. I still feel their first movie "I've fallin for you (correct me if im wrong)" was much better. These two actors are undoubtedly cute for their age, and they should be given roles fit for them. In the movie parang "hilaw" ang pagganap nila. Minsan parang bata na sobrang pacute si Kim, then all of a sudden magmamanage ng restaurant business?..I also noticed na puro papogi si Gerald, pakita ng Abs, and pormang gwaping lagi. parang di nadudumihan to think na nagmemekaniko sya, although he owns the shop. Si Kim naman ang daming eksenang sunod sunod iyak ng iyak, huh....lastly, ang bilis ng mga scenes na parang walang lalim ang istorya. However, since I'm a Kimerald fan, I will still patronize the movie, though I did not appreciate it very well. Maybe kung ang nagdirect is si Cathy Garcia Molina baka mas maganda, but let's wait for another Kimerald's amake or break for them maybe.

  9. Hi Anonymous,

    Well, people differ in tastes - what someone may find good, another may not at all. Majority of the comments point out that the film was a disappointment.

    We just hope next time some people respond in a civilized manner and not with anger and haste.

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    We are glad you enjoyed the film and that's the wonderful thing about movies - they may relate to our life experiences.

    We see talent in Kim and Gerald - here's hoping they have a better script writer in their next tandem film!

    We hope to hear from you soon!

  11. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for the compliment. For the movie, we just wished they had a better script writer from the get-go. We believe having a non-cliche` script could have improved this film by leaps and bounds.

    As for the Kimerald duo, we think they will move forward from this and their next film, good or bad, will definitely not be a make or break for them. But let's pray that they won't stop in just being satisfied with mediocrity.

  12. my friends and i are not kimerald fans but we went to watch the movie because we found the trailer interesting with all the hype during the promotions plus, we've been followers of star cinema films.

    we do agree with most of the comments posted here- the script should have been written a lot better. the material is good pero sumablay sa script. i, personally, was not impressed by ruel bayani's story telling which was evident in most of the scenes. sayang ang talent ng mga artista dito sa movie. my friend also got bored after only 1/3 of the movie and gusto na niyang tulugan. i heard it earned 10M in the first showing day but habang tumatagal, lumaylay na yung ticket sales. we watched it during the 3rd week at the gateway cinema-wala na halos nanonood. siguro there were only about 20 people inside the cinema. i have not seen the first kimerald tandem movie "ive fallen for you" so i couldn't compare it with "paano na kaya".

  13. to the REViEWER: ikaw kaya gumawa ng script? let's see kung aabot ng 100m yang movie na magagawa mo. it's not even about the story, it's the characters. think first!

  14. I actually thought that this movie was really good! There were lots of memorable funny lines but it also brought me to tears. Although SOME lines were too cheesy and the ending didn't really leave an impression, I can still say that I love this movie! :)

  15. Hello. I really liked your review. You expressed your opinions really well.

    I'd like to read more of your reviews, and if possible, a review about the movie, 'Paano Ko Sasabihin?'.

    Anyway, just wanted to say you've done a really great job here.

  16. Some people here do not know how to respect honest, innocuous, opinions.