Miss You Like Crazy: Movie Review

Cathy Garcia-Molina is at it again with John Lloyd-Cruz and as luck may have it, the pair has yet to make a disappointing film together. So what were those John Lloyd-Cruz movies you may ask? Ow, they were just "One More Chance", "A Very Special Love" and "You Changed My Life" - now do you get what we mean? The biggest bombshell for this film is probably Bea Alonzo - finally the John and Bea tandem is back together after a three year hiatus. No doubt, "Miss You Like Crazy" will be one of the most anticipated films this year. But most importantly, can it deliver knowing that it has a pedigree of films that it has to at least be at par with? Read on to find out.

Allan Alvarez(John Lloyd-Cruz) occasionally takes the Pasig River ferry to go to his newly purchased home. On several of these trips, Allan always sees a girl who writes messages on stones and leaves them behind. He picks these stones up and realizes that messages being written are getting worse and worse as time goes by. One day, when the girl writes "Goodbye World", Allan panics and stops the girl from supposedly committing suicide - he soon discovers that this is not the case. He finds out that the girl, Mia Samonte (Bea Alonzo) works as a hotel receptionist in Malaysia. They have exceptional chemistry together, even finding themselves in love after just a week. Unfortunately though, Allan has a girlfriend he is seriously committed to. Whom does he really love more? The girlfriend he has been with for years or the girl he just met a week ago?

The moment you all have been waiting for is finally here - so was it worth the three year wait? Well, the answer is a disappointing no. This is the case of the film being too rushed and too raw for public consumption. No, we have no qualms about the acting or the chemistry of John Lloyd and Bea. Actually, the pair still has it and no doubt they can still do lots of effective films together (and we actually want and expect more!). The story was not bad at all, although we realized that it is impossible to happen in real life. So what made this film bad? It was the post-production elements that killed it. Numerous transitions were really bad that it was confusing us already. We also felt that the confusion could have been lessened if actual dates/time references were shown. We as an audience were left second guessing what year was it and how much time has really passed and the time element plays a key role in the film. The film also presented inconsistent film quality in different scenes - one shot may be clear as day and the next shot would be grainy and dark. The selected songs for certain scenes seemed out of place which destroys the overall mood for them. Our question in the end is, "What the heck happened here?"

So what can we get from this film? Is it about love? We say yes, it can bring the casual tear in your eyes. But we believe the clincher here is outside the bounds of the movie's plot. We hope that Star Cinema and to all the local outfits out there will also focus on post-production. With a bit more time spent on making sure that cuts make sense, that the transitions are smoother, that the picture quality of the scenes are consistent and that the background music actually fits well to what's happening on screen, then the film would have been better.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the acting was spectacular for the two main actors in the film
- no one can doubt the amazing chemistry of John Lloyd and Bea

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- makes you wonder how much time they put into post production as the film seriously needs a lot of polish
- the film's story being too ingrained in fate's hand just did not sell

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  1. I honestly did not find the movie all that good. Too bad since the same director created far better movies like You Changed My Life and One More Chance. I do not blame the actors and the director for the (sorry to the fans) crappy story. There was too much going on. The family of Bea in the movie could fill half a movie, the office problem of John Lloyd was another story that was not developed, then there are the many extra characters that did not contribute much to the whole story but a few comedic scenes which were done through dried up punch lines.

    It isn't the worse movie, but it could have done better. Coz really, if you look past all the pakilig one liners, is there any more to it? One More Chance is still unbeatable. This is obviously a rushed up attempt to surpass its better predecessor- OMC... too bad, it failed since i'm such a Lloydie fan. better luck next time.

  2. Hi Andy,

    Although we did not see light as day to what you found bad about the movie, at least we agree that it was obviously rushed.

    Let's just hope that the local movie outfits change their ways. It seems all they care about is making as much money as they can and not really about film quality. We wish they realize that not all people just watch a movie because they are fans of the actors in it and getting bad feedback affect sales - however miniscule.

    Well anyway, thanks for your comments above. We appreciate that you voiced out your concern and we hope to hear from you again!

  3. I agree, maybe because fans of One More Chance has high expectations for the next movie of John Lloyd and Bea moreover director is Cathy Molina.

    The concept is interesting, but the personalities of the characters are weak. I also find the phasing very slow (I almost yawn while watching) the supposedly "rising action" and climax did not capture me.

    I'm fan of Star Cinema's movies, but I felt disappointed on this movie. Well, still be watching out for the next picture.

  4. Hi Jellic,

    Yeah, hopefully the next release would be way better but judging from the trailer of the Sam Milby-Anne Curtis film, we don't want to get our hopes up that much.

    Even the trailer looks god awful already what more the film?

    We hope to hear from you again!

  5. if one more chance is the best! this is TRASH. obviously pera pera lang. wawa naman ang cast.

  6. Yeah, even without One More Chance, the movie still sucks.

  7. this movie could have been better...sana iba na lang pinanood namin...sayang ang tandem ng dalawa...

  8. Yeah, like what we said, this film was rushed, really rushed. With a little more time spent in editing then this film could have been a lot better than its current state.

    Thanks for the comment!

  9. em so disappointed with this movie.. i've set a high expectation because of one more chance.

    one more chance is awesome, a real must see movie.. but this? hmmmm i'd rather watch omc again and again than see this movie one more time.

  10. Hopefully they can make some effort next time. Even without any expectations, this film is really sub-par!

  11. I got really bored watching the movie - it was so slow and not much story too it.. if it's a big hit maybe because it's john lloyd and bea. Just the names.