Alice in Wonderland: Movie Review

"Alice in Wonderland" has big shoes to fill. Not only is it on the heels of a world famous Disney classic animation but it also tries to adapt the well-loved novel. It also stars Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton - both of which who have made countless films together. Both are also known for their quirky and unusual nature - surely a perfect match for a story like "Alice in Wonderland". Can the new adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland" be considered a classic as its film and novel counterparts? Read on to find out our verdict.

19 year old Alice Kingsley (Mia Wasikowska) has been suffering from a recurring nightmare all her life. Her nightmares every night are about talking animals and smiling cats. Today, Alice is attending party - a party in which her suitor is going to ask her hand in marriage. While talking with her mother, Alice spots a white rabbit roaming around the garden. When her suitor finally proposes to her, Alice sees the rabbit again and tries to follow it. She falls into a rabbit hole and finds herself in a peculiar room. What adventures await Alice and most importantly, is there a way for her to come back home?

"Alice in Wonderland" had a very slow start - too bad the film never really picked up until late second half. Overall, the film just felt really uninspired and boring - we lost count on how many times we yawned. Tim Burton's style did not help the lackluster performance of the film. If this was Wonderland then what the heck is so wonderful about it? It was too dark for our tastes and it can surely leave some of the young ones feeling a bit out of place. The only saving grace for this film is the very effective humor. There were a lot of moments, especially with the Red Queen that got us laughing out loud. Oh and Johnny Depp was his usual, meaning he was really good. You can throw him anything and he'll do an excellent job. But in reality, stupendous acting from the cast can only do so much. "Alice in Wonderland" was one of the most anticipated films this year - we thought it would be brilliant but it bombed.

Rating: 2 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- it had a lot of very, very funny moments
- Johnny Depp and his cohorts did a swell job in the acting department

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the movie was uninspired with nothing special to really show
- we believe Tim Burton's dark style was not the right fit for this film

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  1. I know I thought Wonderland was supposed to be magical, beautiful, happy and bright colors. Tim Burton's take creates the film to be too dark and gloomy. Tim Burton is an awesome director and I could see him relating to Lewis Carroll's vision in many ways but not in the fantasy wonderland. I'm looking forward to "The Looking Glass Wars" coming to theaters and showing the true story of Alyss and her wonderland!!

  2. thanks for this review,too bad im expecting too much from this movie...but actors can only do so much

    if Tim Burton likes "dark" setting movies then he should be the one directing the "harry potter and the deathly hallows"

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    We never heard of The Looking Glass Wars! What is it about?

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Yeah, Tim Burton could certainly fit the latter Harry Potter films but come to think of it, Tim Burton has been lackluster when it comes to adaptations. His successes in his films are more from original ideas.

    Just a thought to think about! :D

  5. anything TIM BURTON is a must see in my book. Depp is one of my favorites. I need to catch this one soon!

  6. Hi Trench,

    Long time no hear! Anyway, get back to us if you liked Alice or not! :D

  7. I saw this movie right after it came out, and like all movies from books I didn't expect it to be anything like it. I love Tim Burton films, and I love the dark direction he took this film. I saw it in 3D and it was well worth the Price.

    Sometimes the acting was a little, elaborate (ahem, white queen)but seeing as that's how she was meant to be expressed; I didn't mind much.

    A+++ Must see movie =)

  8. Fun movie, hilarious at that.

    Especially love the Queen of Hearts... "Off with his head!" she just nailed it to the T. She's just how I imagine the Queen of Hearts to be. Except, though, she's not fat unlike in the Alice in Wonderland cartoon character, but she was amusing. So...
    The Biz Thoughts