The Box: Movie Review

What would you do for a million dollars? Would you face your fears? We are pretty sure a lot of people would do a lot of freaky stuff they never imagined they could do, if they were offered a million bucks. Just look at "Fear Factor" - a show that gives not even a pinch of that amount and people are already so desperate. "The Box" tries to tackle the same question but with a sordid twist. This is not your typical eat-a-roach thing. With "The Box", you push a button and someone you do not know dies. But hey, that's a million dollars right? Can the film be an effective psychological and at the same time philosophical thriller? Read on to find out.

The film is set in Richmond, Virginia and the year is 1976. The Lewis' are sleeping when someone rings their doorbell. Norma (Cameron Diaz) goes to the door and sees a black car leaving. At their doorstep is a sealed box and when they open it, they see a locked black device with a red button inside. A letter states that a certain Mr. Steward (Frank Langella) will contact them at 5PM that day. Weird Right? So they didn't think much of it. Later that day, Norma discovers that the faculty tuition discount is being removed. This means that her son's tuition will be paid in full the next semester. It does not help that Arthur (James Marsden) was not accepted into NASA's astronaut program. Norma fears that their money is not enough to support their lifestyle. When Norma goes home, Mr. Steward arrives and tells her that when she or Arthur presses the button, they will instantly get a million dollars. The caveat is someone they do not know will die instantly. Will Arthur and Norma press the button to save themselves from financial ruin? They have 24 hours to decide and the clock is ticking.

"The Box" was a hodge podge of ideas that never really gelled together. All we can say is that it will make you pull your hair off your head in frustration. Ninety-percent of the time, we just could not comprehend what was going on and when there were times we thought we get what was happening, the movie would do a complete turnaround. It felt like we were being slapped in the face with another out-of-this-world twist. It just never made any sense. Now, we believe they tried to be philosophical and all but can someone tell the creators of "The Box" that they should at least try to make it understandable for the common person? The only good thing we see in this film is the way it captures your curiosity the whole time. Sadly, the wait in the end is not worth it. Come credits time, there are still gaping plot holes and a "what-the-hell" story that will make you wish you just chose another film. This movie will waste your time, your money and even some of your brain cells.

Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- if you're the type who likes to keep on guessing when watching a movie

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- a literally out-of-this-world story that never really concludes anything and never really makes any sense
- a mish mash of ideas that will confuse you and frustrate you

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