Oscars 2010 Winners: Our Prediction

We have been contacted by VoucherCodes.co.uk to join their Oscars 2010 contest. Basically we just have to guess the winners in any of the categories. One correct prediction equals a point while an incorrect answer takes a point away. The entrant with most points win.

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Now, at last, here is our predictions for some of the major categories:
Best Picture – The Hurt Locker
Best Director – Kathryn Bigelow
Best Actor – Jeremy Renner
Best Actress – Sandra Bullock
Best Supporting Actor – Christopher Waltz
Best Supporting Actress – Vera Farmiga
Best Original Screenplay – Up
Best Adapted Screenplay – District 9
Best Animated Feature – Up
Best Original Song – Down in New Orleans
Best Original Score – Avatar
Best Cinematography - Avatar

Wish us luck!

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