Date Night: Movie Review

Honestly, dates in the long run become very routinary. It is so hard to be creative that most of the time, people just decide to do the things that are convenient, safe and easy. Of course, there are the occasional surprises right? But usually these turn out to be all right. The problems come more so on the preparation and not on the risk of it falling flat on your face. “Date Night” starts on the same premise - a couple decides to make one of their regular date nights special. Now you guessed it that the date did not turn out what they expected it to be. Can "Date Night" be a funny and comical look into the very serious topic of married life? Read on to find out.

Phil (Steve Carrell) and Carrie Foster (Tina Fey) is your typical New Jersey couple. They are middle-aged, working and married with two kids and it seems that their married life has become a boring routine every single day. One of their routine tasks is the once-a-week date night. One day, Phil and Carrie discover that their best friends are getting divorced. The two are rattled and have their own initiatives (during their next date night) to spice up their lives. Carrie dresses up while Phil decides that they should eat at a trendy restaurant in Manhattan. When they arrive, the place is full to the brim. The mischievous Phil decides to take the reservation of a couple named “The Triplehorns”. During dinner, two men escort them outside and demand that they give a flashdrive they have stolen. The two soon discover that they are in big trouble as the Triplehorns are actually being sought out by the mob and they have been mistaken as them.

“Date Night” is zany, funny and enticing at the same time. Steve Carrell is the man right now when it comes to comedies and it shows in this film. He was in short amazing. The support cast was a-okay as well although much can be said for Tina Fey’s performance.The comedy was great with punch line after punch line. The action was excellent as well. We really liked the very unique car chase scene towards the end of the film. We guarantee that you won’t see it happening everyday. The only bad thing we see in “Date Night” is it just got a wee bit boring in the middle. The film felt a little overstretched. It was like 80% of the story developed on the very last scene of the film. We also could not shake off the feeling that we already saw a very similar film from Steve Carrell before (which is “Get Smart”). In any case, if you haven’t watched “Date Night” yet, we recommend you do as soon as possible.

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- insane story, action and comedy - really? could you ask for more?

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- becomes a bit tedious in the middle
- somewhat similar to "Get Smart"

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  1. On the contrary, I think the movie is not funny at all. One can make a movie where actors try to do stupid things to make people laugh. This one, for me, failed miserably. It could be how things were put together. Inept villains, talkative couples, actions that are pure fantasy. The whole movie does not even deliver a point or a message, which could have saved from being.. just trash.

  2. Hi anonymous!

    Sorry we didn't agree on this one. We thought it was good!

    Thanks for visiting!