Kick Ass: Movie Review

When we first saw "Kick Ass" at the malls, we thought it was a cheap-skate parody film. Now that is a bad start because we do think that parody films should equate to avoiding it like the plague. And why? Because we all know from experience that parody films are a waste of time and money - well, do we really need to expound further on this? After doing some little research, "Kick Ass" is beyond a parody film and is actually a real comic book. That shows that we are not comic book fans at all. With that, we will ignore the cheesy and cheap-looking posters of "Kick Ass" and will actually see if this is worth a second look. Read on to find out our verdict.

Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) is your average teen struggling to get through life. What differs though is that Dave, instead of just dreaming of becoming a superhero, decides to actually do it. He orders scuba gear on the internet and creates his own costume and the superhero Kick Ass is born. His first mission though is a failure as he gets stabbed and hit by a car. Dave amazingly survives the ordeal and finds out that a major part of his body has been replaced by metal parts making him stronger and less vulnerable to pain. Kick Ass is shot to fame when a viral video of his is posted on the internet. In one of his missions, Kick Ass meets Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz), vigilantes like him but with all the expertise. Kick Ass gets into trouble when crime boss Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong) blames Kick Ass for all the men he is losing out on the street. He is now out to kill Kick Ass without mercy.

"Kick Ass" delivers an ass-kicking of a time from start to finish although we think this would not sell to a greater extent of the population. So what is the big problem with "Kick Ass"? It is not the story definitely. While we feel it was too common of a story, it was not half bad at all. The acting was pretty awesome as well (especially for Chloë Grace Moretz) ) although we thought the Big Daddy persona of Nicolas Cage needed some polishing up. Ironically, the thing that nailed the coffin for "Kick Ass" is the balls-out action. Guys will definitely love the film with the violence, gore and machismo dialogue scattered all over but every other person around the cinema will see this as just plain irresponsible (made even worse by a little girl doing all of it at the same time). "Kick Ass" will bring you laughs and action in one package but it will also bring much, much more horror to your faces. We recommend this to the boys but no one else.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- "Kick Ass" really kicks ass with all the gore and violence

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- we see more people avoiding the film because of its mature reputation
- some might feel the movie is way too long

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  1. For the most part I was disappointed with Kick-Ass.

  2. It was a letdown on some areas but we did enjoy it somehow.

  3. Kick-Ass is absoutely kick-ass! :D

    Enough said, it's a great movie, I should say. And no, there wasn't a boring or disappointing part in the movie. It's supposed to be comical, so you should see a comical side of it. Hello!
    The Biz Thoughts

  4. for the great people who said this movie is not worth it coz of a minor throwing f-bombs, they should have dug deeper on what the film's message is. its the story they should have focused on. anyway, this film did "kick ass" XD, My favorite this year. Hoping that the sequel will do better too.

  5. I really love Chloe on this film although her character, Hit Girl, stirred a lot of controversy regarding a child actress doing ultra-violent scenes. But I still believe that Hit Girl outdid Kick-Ass in a lot of things. The movie was great because it brings us back to reality that once in our lives, we all wished that we are superheroes with superpowers.I will definitely watch its sequel.