The Losers: Movie Review

Amazingly, another graphic novel is adapted to the big screen. The big question is "do we really need another adaptation of a comic book?" If you want to get our opinion on this one, we believe we are seeing a trend that may soon over saturate the genre and this is never a good thing. "The Losers" might change our minds though but with the majority of the cast almost being unknown and a director with who has a little or no success, we are highly doubtful. Read on to find out if "The Losers" surprises and proves that anything is truly possible.

An elite Special Forces unit is sent to the Bolivian Jungle on a secret search and destroy mission. The team is composed of Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Jensen (Chris Evans), Roque (Idris Elba), Pooch (Columbus Short) and Cougar (Óscar Jaenada). The team soon discover though that they have been setup by a double crosser named Max. They decide to hide in Bolivia for the mean time and pretend that they are dead. Months after the incident, Clay is approached by a mysterious lady named Aisha (Zoe Saldana). She promises Clay and his team that she can help them track down and get revenge on Max for what he did to the team.

What we can really sum up for "The Losers" is it was a big loser in every aspect and as expected, it seems amateurish at best. So what's so wrong with "The Losers"? First off is the plot and even more, its development. The plot was just all over the place. It was crude, complicated and to make things worse, plot elements just popped in and out from nowhere. The ending also did not make a lot of sense if you ask us. We believe it may lead to a second film but we seriously doubt that they can produce another one after this mediocre attempt. Another thing was the acting - the whole cast was so-so at best. It seems that most of them did not even bother to try to act on screen. As for the action, it very typical and nothing new was really introduced. Probably the only saving grace for the film are the one-liners by Max and Jensen. It will give you the occasional laugh for sure but we are sure you won't be laughing when the credits start rolling. Overall, the film was all flash and no substance. "The Losers" was like watching a bad direct-to-television/direct-to-DVD film. Sadly, people can surely pass this one up.

Rating: 1 reel

Why you should watch it:
- one-liners will make you laugh out loud

Why you should't watch it:
- amateurish acting
- non-cohesive story with a somewhat complicated plot makes this film almost unwatchable
- feels like a direct-to-DVD film

You can catch "The Losers" on cinemas around the Metro starting April 23, 2010. This film is brought to you by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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