Going Wonderfully Wild for Amuro Namie

For the past decade or so, our country has been in a trance with Asian pop culture. Amazingly, it seems they have almost invaded all aspects of local entertainment. At first, it was the anime sensation that not only controlled the kiddie airwaves but also brought cosplay to the limelight. Kids (and even adults) would dress up to look like their animated idols. Taiwanese and Korean telenovelas came next. Filipinos became such big fans that remakes of these, starring local celebrities, have become the trend right now. We also cannot deny that our fellow Asians even invaded our music with the K-Pop and even the J-Pop sensation. For example, the mind-straining jingle of “Nobody, Nobody But You” still lingers in the LSS world from time to time (we won’t even mention how many children you will see doing the famous shake-your-finger, then clap-your-hands dance move). Filipinos definitely loves the Northeast Asian culture and someone from the Land of the Rising Sun is going to blow our minds once more. Read on to find out more.

This talented singer we are talking about is considered as the “Queen of Japanese Pop Music”. She is the only Japanese female artist to achieve top 10 singles for 14 straight years. As one critic has said about her, “she captures the hearts of her audience by the graceful animation of her stage personality. By virtue of her talents, she has been the most notable Japanese singer to emerge from the Japanese music culture”. With the help of Avex Entertainment Inc. she is out with her latest single entitled “Wild”. This talented artist is Amuro Namie, and she is out to make lots of Filipino hearts go wild.

“Wild” has a futuristic vibe that will make you dance with the beat in no time. The song showcases a mix of upbeat music, superb vocals and pulsating choreography. For 10 years, Amuro Namie has dominated the Japanese music market and she is out for more. No doubt, her singing prowess and spectacular performances will set another craze in the Philippines. Let’s get ready and wild in the coming weeks as Amuro Namie is out to show us what she’s got. Check out her video “Wild” below:

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