Shrek Forever After: Movie Review

Wow, we cannot believe it but another Shrek movie has been made and honestly speaking, it seems more unnecessary than the ultimately disappointing third film. In short, we firmly believe that they should have stopped weaving Shrek stories after the second film. Worse, they have tagged this film as being in 3D - now that makes their move to make a fourth film feel like a thousand times cheaper. In the back of our minds, we wonder what motivated them to make "Shrek Forever After" - was it to make people happy or just for the sake of money? This looks to be a disappointing film from the get-go. Read on if our assumptions are right or wrong.

Shrek (Mike Myers) is living the "happily ever after" life. He has a wife (Cameron Diaz) who truly loves him and he also has three little ogre babies to take care of. He has his friends, Donkey (Eddie Murphy)and Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas), who truly care for him more than anything else. The people also love and see Shrek as a hero even if he is an ogre. Although he is living the life, Shrek misses the good old days. The days of being a real ogre in which everyone was afraid of him and he has his whole life to himself. During the birthday of Shrek's child, he blows his top and sees Rumpelstilskin. The sly Rumpelstilskin grants Shrek one day to relive his former life in exchange for one of Shrek's days in the past. Unknown to Shrek, Rumpelstilskin has chosen the day Shrek was born. Now, Shrek has one day to fix his dilemma or else he will lose the day when he was born forever.

Best thing about the movie is that it was ten times better than the third. We were also surprised on how they were able to still create a sequel for Shrek, despite the “and they lived happily ever after” from the first three films. Over-all, we think the movie was just okay. It is not exactly unnecessary since the story was believable and entertaining and the animation was good. No doubt the producers will get millions from this but we could not help but wish they just created something new and just retired the character of Shrek. There is no doubt that they have the ability to weave a new animated character that the world will love as much as they did with Shrek and his cohorts. "Shrek Forever After" still brought out the classic Shrek humor and comedy we all loved since the first movie (although on a lesser extent) and as much as we want Shrek to be there forever, we hope that this would be the last for the franchise. This should have been the third and probably final film but it was released a film too late.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- entertaining and funny in some way
- if you were very disappointed with the third, no need to worry as this is better than that for sure

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- this is still an inferior version of the first two classic films as it lacked the creative comedy of the past movies
- we still believe that a third film was unnecessary release, more so a fourth one.

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  1. Shrek 3D is not just the only movie that frustrates me...

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