Knight and Day: Movie Review

"Knight and Day" looks to be a promising film, with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz leading the way. Also, there's just something about action-comedies that tickle us down to the bone (although we cannot say that the majority are genuinely great films). The pairing of Tom and Cameron seems to be perfect for this kind of film. Both are honed action stars with Cruise having countless action films to boot while Diaz having experience most prominently from the "Charlie's Angels" films. You also cannot discount the fact that both these stars featured successful comedy films. Can this dynamic duo bring life to a genre that is more miss than hit? Read more after the jump to find out our verdict on "Knight and Day"

The CIA is on the lookout for one of their agents gone rogue. This agent is Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) and he possesses a special energy source named "Zephyr". On Wichita Airport, June Havens (Cameron Diaz) is going home for her sister's wedding. Roy Miller on the other hand is trying to move Zephyr to another location. Roy intentionally bumps June twice so he could use her to transfer Zephyr through airport security. June is mistaken to be Roy's accomplice and she is put on the same flight with Roy by Agent Fitzgerald (Peter Saarsgard). While on the air, Roy thwarts the agents and crashes the plane on a field. Things get worse when the CIA believes that June knows where Roy and Zephyr is and is on a serious hunt for her.

"Knight and Day" is all about the thrills and spills but lacks majorly in depth. "Knight and Day" is not a bad film at all but it feels rushed and unfinished on most parts. Where did character development go? We never felt connected with the characters of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz (now just imagine what more with the supporting cast). The film also lacked plot development in which scenes come and go in a flutter. Implausible things unfolded so many times that we actually lost count - which surely affected how we perceived the film's overall quality.

Now, what made "Knight and Day" shine is not its story but its fast-paced nature and comedy. Do not expect to be laughing your head off from start to finish but the unusual pairing of the main characters jive well enough to make the film funny. As for the action, it's a plenty here for sure. "Knight and Day" started on shaky ground and we can say it wasn't able to fully recover, save for maybe the couple of nice parts towards the end. Action aficionados who care less for deep and serious films will definitely love "Knight and Day". For everyone else, this can be classified along with the other good (but not great) films.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- action-packed from start to finish
- made us laugh enough times to warrant a positive praise on this area

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- lacks polish on plot and character development
- events become confusing and presents scenes beyond plausibility

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  1. Hitchcock did this sort of comedy/spy thriller much better in the 1930's. See SECRET AGENT and THE LADY VANISHES.

  2. Hi Mark!

    We are not familiar with these films but they're very good for sure. We appreciate the tip.

    Thanks for visiting!