Toy Story 3: Movie Review

Do we really need to do an introduction for "Toy Story 3"? It is the continuation of one of the most recognized and well-loved movie franchises ever. It not only revolutionized how movie merchandising was marketed and sold but it also changed how we saw movies - it created a whole film genre of its own. If you really love (or even hate) 3D animated films, then you have 1995's "Toy Story" to thank for what's happened. It was and still is a testament on how much technology in movie making has evolved. It was the first all CGI feature-length film and this was no small feat given it was a decade and a half ago. Fast forward to 2010 and the third film has a big challenge to face. Not with the first and second film scoring high on everyone's all time favorites. Can "Toy Story 3" put a shining cap to what the other two films started? Read on to find out.

Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen) and the whole gang of toys are desperately trying to get the attention of Andy (John Morris). Andy has neglected his toys for years and now that he is 18 and going to college, the gang feels hopeless that they’ll ever be played with. The toys are accidentally thrown as trash when Andy was cleaning up his room, although what he wanted was to keep all his toys in the attic. The toys are hurt and decide that they will just go to the donation bin. They arrive at the Sunnyside Daycare with other toys being friendly to them. Woody decides to go back to Andy alone as his other friends decide to stay. He later finds out that Sunnyside Daycare is an unhappy place, where toys are tortured and brutally played with. Will Woody be able to rescue his friends? More importantly, are they going to be reunited with Andy before he finally goes away?

This is either the easiest or the hardest review we are ever going to make because the movie ended and we still couldn’t find anything wrong with it. "Toy story 3" was perfect in the 120 minutes it was played on the big screen. We can boldly say that this is one of the best 3D animated movies we have seen not only this year but probably since the beginning of the genre. And folks mind you, we are definitely not exaggerating in any way.

Taking a look at the movie, you would wonder how it could be so brilliant when it is really so simple. Do not expect anything out of the ordinary. They just managed to make the Toy Story formula work again with their perfect story execution and eye popping animation. If you watched the first films of the "Toy Story" saga then you won’t feel out of place but you do not need to see the first two movies to understand what's going on. With that said, "Toy Story 3" still has a refreshing story to tell with new challenges that will surely bring a tear or two to your eyes. The old characters are still as memorable as they used to while the new toys are a little below than what we expected them to be (except Ken who was funny as hell). It is so hard to put into words what we felt when watching "Toy Story 3" because it is just that good. Perfect story, perfect pacing and perfect dialogue plus a twist on the end seals the deal. We advice, no, beg you to watch "Toy Story 3". You can miss any film this year - just not this one okay?

A bonus is the short film "Night and Day" before the film starts. This is another classic Pixar tradition which is worth a look. Its quality is as superb as the other Pixar shorts of past, maybe even a notch better.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- everything about the movie was perfect
- all the characters are lovable and funny, especially the new character, Ken
- the short clip was just too good to be missed

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- there is no reason for you not to see it. We even suggest you spend your money watching it in IMAX 3D

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  1. Yes, this is definitely a must-watch movie. Thanks for the comment!

  2. It was a fun movie to watch and it's pretty sad that Toy Story 3 had to end. The moral of this movie is that people do grow up and they have to make choices of their own whether it's going to leave some of the things behind and move on to tomorrow. Love the story line. It's just really sad that a good franchise like Toy Story is over much like High School Musical.