Colin Fitz Lives! : A Lost Film Back from the Grave

Who would have thought that a film nominated (and even won) numerous awards won't get to see the light of day? Amazingly, that is the story of "Colin Fitz Lives!", a 1997 independent film that got caught up in so much debt that its director and producer Robert Bella even wound up on living on the street. Sadly, this was made before the age of digital film and the cost was just too high. Ironically and amazingly, the movie's own title feels like an ode to what happened as the film finally lives after thirteen years since it was put to the grave. Read on to see the exclusive trailer, the source and the video on demand link after the jump.

The story is simple enough - two security guards are hired to watch the grave of rock legend Colin Fitz. Through one night, the two guards learn about life, death and more so about Colin himself. This is a story you won't get to hear everyday. Pretty cool huh?

Source: Yahoo! Movies
VOD Link: Sundance Selects

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