Facebook Invades the Movies

We know that movies are one of the oldest (and probably one of the most effective) social tools in a person's arsenal. Rarely do people watch movies alone and you surely can attest to that right? Well now, Facebook is invading the movies - as if half a billion people is not enough already. "The Social Network" details in dramatic form the story of Mark Zuckerberg and how he turned a small pet project for Harvard into the biggest social network in the world (while on the way into becoming the youngest Billionaire ever). Will you like it or not? Watch the trailer after the jump and you be the judge.

Let us hope that this would give justice to the Facebook story but we are afraid that this might start a trend of making movies about tech startups. What do you think of Google the Movie? Ow great, they are making one already! What's next? Yahoo! the Movie and how they blundered their early search engine war lead?

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  1. Thanks for the reviews and those trailers seems really interesting...

  2. The trailer looks pretty promising. Planning to give it a watch. If this ones a hit then its surely going to give rise to the trend of making movies on tech startups..

  3. I found a site that pits the real story vs. Fincher's movie. Found it after I saw the movie a week ago at a screening. It's a good movie, very engaging, good humor, and interesting characters. However, it seems a bit salacious after reading about the real history. Plus, Zuckerberg has already called it fiction.

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