Grown Ups: Movie Review

This week is one hell of a week for movies. On one end, we have the manliest, muscle-popping movie with "The Expendables". On the other end we have the tickle-inducing, stomach-turning "Grown Ups". Both films, if for some reason you still did not know, contain all-star casts that can headline films on their own. A majority of the population might even think that each one of these actors are legends already. It might be a headache on which one to choose but for us, this situation is a blessing (after last week's horrendous line up of films). Today we will look into "Grown Ups" - can it match up pure machismo with pure laughter? Read on to find out our take on the film.

In 1978, a group of five friends win their junior basketball championship. Their coach Buzzer tells them that they should live like they did on court. Fast forward to the present, each one of the five members have different lives of their own - for better or for worse. Lenny (Adam Sandler) is one of the top Hollywood agents. Eric (Kevin James) is a co-owner of a fledging lawn furniture business. Rob (Rob Schneider) is in love with a woman that can pass as his mother and has already divorced three times. Kurt (Chris Rock) is a "house-band" and is struggling to cope with the aggressive nature of his wife. Marcus (David Spade) is still single and always ready to mingle. When Buzzer dies, the friends decide to have a get together during the Fourth of July weekend to rekindle the good old times they had as kids.

"Grown Ups" made us laugh from start to finish. The story might not be perfect but who cares when scene after scene is a laugh trip waiting to happen. The five main stars had good chemistry - amazingly they were able to pull it off. Each one had a style of their own that stands out but never overwhelms any one of them. The supporting cast was amazing also especially the various wives of the men. The only negative we see with "Grown Ups" is the very typical story. It was predictable at best and lacks depth. The one-liners and the funny scenes did save this film - this is a comedy and the important thing is it should make you laugh more than anything else - and boy did it make us laugh.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- the five stars made us laugh out loud from start to finish
- the one liners and slo-mo scenes got us

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- has a typical story that is very predictable

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  6. Well,The impressive abilities of this ensemble go underused in a clichéd comedy that stalls at nice and stupid on its way to profundity.


  7. Fun movie..still a typical Billy Maddison comedy film that we've always enjoyed for many years..Can't wait for there next film

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