Juan of the Dead is Not Your Typical Zombie Movie

We remember seeing "Shaun of the Dead" a few years back and it was a fantastic and refreshing look into the zombie genre. Who ever knew movies about zombies could be so funny? Well, if the Brits can do it so can the Cubans. Cuba has a zombie problem and Juan's job is to kill family members who have turned into zombies. When the zombie epidemic gets out of control, Juan is Cuba's only hope for salvation. Silly? Watch the trailer after the jump to find proof that we are not kidding about it.

Here's us hoping and praying that this arrives in the Philippines. Catch it in Cuba sometime in 2011.

Image Source: Dread Central

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  1. We Filipinos ain't got anything like zombie movies and will never have because of the pathetic classification boards that rejects gory,violent films and approves erotic gay themed movies.

  2. Not the trailer I was expecting but funny. :-) Will definitely watch this next year.