Back to the Future Goes Time Travelling 25 Years After Its Release

If you don't know "Back to the Future" then probably you are not even human. The DeLorean alone is already an icon what more the film that featured it. Luckily for all of us (well those in U.K. only for now), "Back to the Future" is being re-released in honor of its 25th anniversary on October 1, 2010. And no, this is not some half-baked rehash as they promise to bring "Back to the Future" into the future by presenting it in digital HD glory. Hell yeah for the Brits or is it Oh Blimey? You can watch the new trailer after the jump.

Marty McFly never looked so crispy. The trailer alone shows how much more picture quality we are getting. We just don't get why the U.K. is getting this re-release all alone. Let's hope and pray this becomes available worldwide very soon.