Despicable Me: Movie Review

"Despicable Me" has an ironic story. It is a film that needs to be a goody-two shoes film but stars a rundown super villain out to be the most infamous villain ever. It seems very unconventional - and yet, honestly, we like unconventional. Not with all the generic 3D animated films coming out as of late, a few changes already seem like monumental steps. Let us just hope that "Despicable Me" was able to deliver. Read on to find out our verdict.

The Pyramid of Giza has been stolen and the whole world is shocked and puzzled - including Gru (Steve Carrell). Gru is a super villain and this was not one of his works. The theft has greatly affected his reputation and he himself wants to outdo to whomever stole the pyramid. Gru devices a plan that will make him "the man who stole the moon". He must get money to build a rocket and a shrink ray (to make the Moon hand size) and this is where the antics start. Along the way, he gets to know Vector (James Segel) and finds out he was the one who got the Pyramid of Giza. Can Gru get the Moon and what adventures and discoveries await him?

Surprisingly, "Despicable Me" was a not only a animated film that was funny but it was serious as well. What makes it beyond good is how it captures the human spirit of dreaming and ultimately achieving it. It wasn't the Looney Tunes style jokes or the one-liners that made this special but it was great pacing and the flashbacks that showed that Gru was not a bad person as we know him to be. It was humanizing the bad person that made this different. The only qualm we have with "Despicable Me" is that it still becomes a regular animated film. Yes, the basic plot was different but there is nothing to remember. This won't be remembered as a "Toy Story" or an "Up" for example. Still, we highly recommend "Despicable Me" as it was good at being generic. Just do not expect something new.

Rating: 5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- a light-hearted film that is one for the whole family
- will make you laugh countless times

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story was still very typical

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  1. I've finally watched Despicable Me! Yes! It's the cutest movie I've ever seen. It's a complete laugh trip. Never a dull moment!

  2. this one's a good anti-Disney film, it could've been better if this was shown here on Father's Day as in the U.S. 'just shows you how The Philippine movie industry treats the unDisney animated Film here...
    Good Flick!!! 3 thumbs up!

  3. Well estimatimated review. For whatever imperfections it may have, the combination of Gru, the minions, some cool animation, and a lot of wit make Despicable Me worth taking the whole family to see.


  4. Cute movie, but I thought Steve Carrel's accent sounded forced. Still very good overall.

  5. I love how Gru's character undergoes a monumental change for the better because of the three girls he adopts. The story is effective in that it shows how Gru is redeemed from his villainy by the love of the girls. And Gru's little yellow pill-shaped minions are good for several laughs.