Resident Evil: Afterlife: Movie Review

Another Resident Evil movie passes by with "Resident Evil: Afterlife" and definitely droves of people will scamper like mindless zombies to watch it unfold once more. This is already the fourth installment in the overly-panned film series. The series is known for mindless action mixed with plotlines that screams amateur hour. And now, with a scary "3D" text inserted into the title, we beg to differ if things will change this time around. Can "Resident Evil: Afterlife" be a shaker to the series or will this be finally a game over? Read on to find out although some spoilers might be found on the third paragraph.

Alice (Milla Jovovich), after the events of the previous film, wants to kill Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts). Wesker escapes in a helicopter but Alice has already boarded it too. Wesker successfully injects a serum into Alice's body that eliminates the t-cells within her and this makes her lose all her power. While this is all happening, the aircraft crashes into a mountain. Amazingly, Alice survives but Wesker is missing. Months later, Alice is on her way into the promised haven of Arcadia. When she arrives, no one is around except for a amnesia-induced Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) which promptly attacks her. When Alice was able to stop Claire from attacking her, the two proceed to find other survivors. When they fly-by Los Angeles, they discover a group of people trapped in a prison. They land and there they discover what Arcadia truly is. Now, Alice, Claire and the other group of people must find a way to get to Arcadia.

"Resident Evil: Afterlife" was bordering from becoming a rotten film but the no-nonsense action and the gripping surprise sequences worked to salvage it. Basically, if you are out for something new from the series then this won't be the film that will do it. It still uses the same formula time and time again but for some reason, it just works. Forget having a story or well-thought out scenes or even award-winning performances here - some may even consider this a B-movie already. What it lacks in quality it makes up for the countless suspense-filled scenes. There were several times we found our bodies jumping. This was as mindless as "The Expendables" but this in our opinion did fairly better. There's definitely going to be a fifth film based on the ending but when will they end this? It seems that we have been a merry-go-round for years with little or no hint on what they truly want to achieve by the end of the series.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- mindless fun and it will make you jump in fear more than a couple of times

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- some loosely developed scenes
- the quality of the film needs to improve more

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  1. I am so gonna watch this since I'm a huge fan of Resident Evil. :-) Everybody wants to kick some ***

  2. Hi Charaze,

    Just don't expect much of a story and you will definitely like this film.

    Good luck!

  3. Woohhh! Milla Jovovich is really sexy in this movie. I cant wait to watch this movie.. I've seen the previous sequel and it's wow! Really nice.

  4. Is it me or did this movie rip off The Matrix? When i comes to some of the effects in some of the fighting sequences, seems Matrix like.

  5. They subscribe to the "the bits of motion from beating a dead horse give the illusion it's still clinging to life" theory.

  6. Great review.I thought it was great fun. Paul W.S. Anderson -- it's his greatest hit adapting video games to movies.


  7. Great review.I thought it was great fun. Paul W.S. Anderson -- it's his greatest hit adapting video games to movies.