Endhiran is the Most Expensive Bollywood Film Ever

"Endhiran" or "Robo" is Bollywood's most expensive film ever. They even made a 61-foot poster just to promote the film. The story is about a scientist, Dr. Vasigaran, and his struggles in controlling his greatest creation, a humanoid robot known as Chitti. This all happens when the scientist injects human emotions into the robot's programming. That's obviously not the smartest idea more so as Chitti falls in love with a beautiful woman - the same woman that Vasigaran is also in love with. How will the genius scientist solve this peculiar human versus android love triangle? Catch some trailers of "Endhiran" after the jump.

"Endhiran the Robot" seems to be a volatile cocktail of "I, Robot", "Bicentennial Man" and our favorite Bollywood song and dance numbers - what more can you ask for from a movie? This looks like it beats the hell out of "Slumdog Millionaire" for sure. We do hope to see this one day - just for fun!



  1. Oh, well, that's Bollywood for you. Even for an action movie, they still insert a lot of dance and song numbers.

  2. It must be the most expensive film ever...