Hereafter: Trailer Sneak Peek

Death is one thing that all humans will encounter in their lives. We will all die in one way or another the real question is when. And the topic of the beyond has always scared us and has even captivated us. "Hereafter" is Clint Eastwood's say on death. The film centers on three people who are affected by death in different ways. One is Cecile who survived a tsunami disaster. The other one is Marcus, a boy who has his brother killed in an accident. The final character is George, played by Matt Damon, who is a former "communicator" to the dead. Sounds intriguing right? Be more interested by catching the trailer of "Hereafter" after the jump.

Director Clint Eastwood describes the film as a chick flick. Which honestly makes us wonder where he got that. For us, it looks epic indeed - a little like "The Sixth Sense". Lucky for the Americans, they will get to see this starting October 22, 2010. We Filipinos are scheduled to see this sometime next year.



  1. Ooh! Excited for this movie, though! I'm so gonna watch Hereafter...

  2. Nice plot, I hope it ends well.

  3. I'm gonna watch this for sure!!!