I Do: Movie Review

Two new things about this movie: First, it is the first solo movie of an up and coming love team – Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee. A team up that threatens to topple over the Kimerald popularity. Second, it avoids the “Star Cinema box office winning formula” of giving the movie the same title as a popular song and subsequently playing the song in the airwaves a million gazillion times. "I Do" seemingly came out from out of the blue. There was not much noise in promoting it, probably until about a week before it premiered. We only do hope that the quality of this movie is not like it was edited a day before - which occur quite often in Filipino films. Read what we think about "I Do" after the jump.

Mayumi "Yumi" Punongbayan (Erich Gonzalez) has been dreaming of her soul mate and her perfect wedding ever since she was a kid. She meets Lance Tan (Enchong Dee), a handsome guy whom she feels could be the one. Things get complicated when Yumi gets impregnated by Lance and both are forced to marry each other in no time. Yumi wants nothing but her dream wedding and even though Lance wants to give her everything, he couldn’t because he’s Chinese. In fact, The Tan family will stop at nothing to end the relationship and the upcoming marriage. The question now is, "Will the two ever get married?"

When you are expecting all romance and comedy, you might find yourself disappointed that the former is what’s lacking in the movie. The romance was really weak as the movie focused more on the conflict that a young couple goes through. This might not be such a good idea as they are otherwise marketing it into a “super kilig” movie. The movie was seemingly half baked, half tackling serious issues and half wanting to give a light feeling to the viewers. A movie highlight could probably be the strong supporting cast, consisting of the funny Denise Padilla and Pokwang. Overall, this movie is not a bad start for Erich and Enchong but it definitely wouldn’t be their most memorable. This is no beginner's luck for the budding love team.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- solid supporting cast. There were also a lot of very funny moments
- this might be a refreshing team up for those who are tired of Kimerald

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- story is just too typical. The traditional Chinese family being the antagonists is just too old already
- execution is just so so. Erich and Enchong definitely have chemistry but it wasn’t emphasized much it the movie



  1. The thing with this movie is that it's still the same happy ending. No spice! Filipino romantic movies should have something like 500 Days of Summer. There's a certain twist in the movie which makes it a lot memorable. Even though I haven't watched the movie, I know for a fact that they're both still gonna end up. Much like a silly old fairy tale, I should say.