MovieReshape Can Make Anyone Look Better or Worse Easily

Remember Gerard Butler and his 300 Spartan friends? Their bodies were the perfect example of how hard work, dedication and crazy are rolled into one film. It also shows the reality of how hard it is for actors to get into their assigned roles. A vast majority won't need to drastically change their bodies but there are rare cases for films like "300" and "The Machinist" that require preparations from their actors that sound not only inhuman but also inhumane. Just think, Christian Bale starved himself for 4 months for "The Machinist" and Gerard Butler trained and ate tuna sandwiches nonstop for months. Well, the days of such mythological stories might be numbered because of MovieReshape, a software that can alter the body shape of actors without much editing needed. You can catch a video of MovieReshape at work after the jump.

The software was created by Christian Theobalt and all we can say is he is one god-awful talented man. The software is still not ready for prime time due to some limitations but in a few years, we could probably see this not only reshaping the actors of top-billed actors but also the whole film industry. Your thoughts?



  1. You can fake how you look, you can get stunt doubles for the physically demanding scenes, and you photoshop the movie posters!

    Before it used to be "she/he's so hot on film, she/he's even hotter in person!". In the future it'll be, "oh no, movie reshape got us again :o"

  2. I can actually say "WOW!" The difference is just unbelievable! Christian Theobalt must have made a lot of money. I reckon a lot of singers in their music videos have edited bodies - all thanks to Theobalt and MovieReshape.