Petrang Kabayo: Movie Review

"Petrang Kabayo" from the get-go seems to be a film that's going to flop big time. No hard feelings but it seems to be a twin of all the unmentionable comedy films that crop up every year locally. With a film outfit that produces movies that mostly should go straight to the rental bin than the big screen, things are looking pretty bad for "Petrang Kabayo". The only hope we see is Vice Ganda. The miracle comedian who can do no wrong might boost the film with his unusual comedic touch. Read on to find out if "Petrang Kabayo" is a worthy movie for Vice Ganda's debut lead role.

Peter (Vice Ganda) was a boy who was maltreated by his father because he was a homosexual. One day, Peter decides to runaway so he can escape from his abusive father. He is then adopted by Biday (Eugene Domingo), a rich haciendera who owns a stable of horses. As Peter grows up, he becomes more and more mean to the people around him. When Peter abuses even the horses, Diobayo (Eagle Riggs), the goddess of the horses, decides to put a curse on Peter. Whenever Peter gets mad or maltreats anyone, he will turn into a horse immediately. The curse can be broken by another man's kiss. Will Peter ever learn to be a better person and can he find a way to break the curse once and for all?

"Petrang Kabayo" is surprisingly great as a comedy film. It made us laugh from start to finish and admittedly, we were wrong with our initial assumptions. The star of the film is definitely its lead, Vice Ganda. The straight-to-the-point and rhetoric humor works and works brilliantly. Honestly, with all the one-liners that were thrown non-stop, we couldn't care less if the film had a bad story. But something miraculous happened as the story was typical yet good - it was coherent, somewhat believable and has a good lesson to show the kids (and even adults). The only gripe we have with "Petrang Kabayo" is the lackluster post-production which seems rushed. Scenes were shot with differing qualities - some were even shot so badly to the point that scenes were super blurry, kind of like shot using a cellphone. All in all though, "Petrang Kabayo" is well-worth your time and money no thanks to a super talented lead. The laughter alone is worth it but given that it has substance makes it even better.

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the comedic power of Vice Ganda carries the film beyond good to great
- actually has a moral story underneath all the laughter

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- it seems that post-editing was the least important film for this film
- some may find the story too typical of Filipino films



  1. Thanks for sharing this movie here,are you a filipino seems that most of the movie review you wrote was filipino movies.

  2. Yeah.But can you see a tad of difference from Vice Ganda and Peter?Aside from the hair extension, boots and the bitchy aura - for me there isn't actually any difference.The name "Peter/Petra" didn't even went remarkable at all.Like was there anyone who said "Peter was so funny in Petrang Kabayo", I though hear "Vice is really funny in Petrang Kabayo" instead.Something went wrong with Vice's portrayal - it was just so him that most people forgets that he is "Peter" in the film.

    (I didn't put this on my review though).It just came to me after reading this.Kudos! We quite have the same observations about the film.

    Would you mind of exchanging links with me? I'm just starting.

  3. Sorry but your dead wrong. You were right from the start when you said the movie could be a flop. And it is certainly not a bit "believable." It certainly is a far cry from the original version.

  4. kaya nga remake eh!! it doesnt have to be the same as the old one.. kung gusto nyo pala parehas nung dati eh di sana un na lang ang pinanood nyo..

  5. ang ganda!pero pwede bang palagyan ng settings at climax?

  6. sana nga meron,,we need it as a project in filipino! =I