Piranha 3D: Movie Review

You don't get films like "Piranha 3D" anymore and that's a fact of life. The reign of the 30 foot spiders, the boat-munching sharks, train-sized snakes and whatever mutated bug, animal or creature you can think off in the face of the earth is long gone. If you miss these types of movies, you might actually be looking forward to "Piranha 3D", a first of this type of movie in 3D. Can "Piranha 3D" kick-ass and show that nostalgia can still win our hearts? Read on to find out.

A fisherman is fishing at Lake Victoria, Arizona. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs and causes the lake bed to split open. The next thing you know, a school of monster piranhas attacks and kills him. As bad timing has it, it is spring break and Lake Victoria is one of the must-go hot spots. The town is teeming with teenagers ready to be wet and wild. Jake (Steve McQueen) is not one of those teens. He is actually spending his spring break babysitting his sister and brother. Meanwhile, Julie (Elisabeth Shue), Jake's mom and the town sheriff, escort seismologists into the lake bed. They discover that monster piranhas have escaped. Julie and the town are in trouble as the piranhas are out to eat every person they see in the water. Can they stop the piranhas from eating everyone?

"Piranha 3D" is not as bad as it sounds on paper. We wouldn't say it's a good film but we can confidently say we enjoyed it. It was funny, it was gory and for some odd reason really memorable. Heck, the 3D was even one of the best we have seen (the live shots were but some of the piranha scenes could have been done better). Well, that's just us. What can you expect from monster attack movies such as this one? There is no story, the film showed too much senseless scenes of women dancing around with wet garments and worse, the MTRCB had a fun day cutting too many minutes. What we want to say in short is that "Piranha 3D" is definitely not for everyone. It's more of a hit-or-miss affair as some will see it as a fun film and some will brand it as a film just for the dirty boys. But if you miss the good old days of mindless, slasher, gory films, then "Piranha 3D" is served just the way you like it.

Rating: 2 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- mindless, fun, gore - what's not to love?
- the 3D effect is actually pretty good

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- our country gets a dumbed-down version of the movie with numerous cuts happening all over
- the campy and cheap feel of the film is not for everyone



  1. That was an aggressive film involving cocaine, piranhas and inordinate amounts of nudity...

  2. wow... looking foraward to see this

  3. great adventure can be found on this movie.. try watching it!

  4. I didn't like this movie that much. It's quite predictable and if you'll watch closely, it just snatched most of its idea from the classic movie, Jaws.

  5. Piranha 3D is not a masterpiece or is going to the Oscars, it is just a fun popcorn movie that has more than enough to keep you entertained.
    After a long time there is an underwater horror movie that can be seen on the big screen since not every movie is the kind that can be viewed on the cinema.