Tron: Legacy: Exclusive Sneak Preview from Tron Night

October 28, 2010 is finally here and you might wonder what makes this date very special for us. Well, we can sum it in two words - either "Tron Night" or "Tron: Legacy". Tron Night is going to show 20++ minutes of never-before-seen footage of the much-awaited "Tron: Legacy", the sequel to 1982's iconic film "Tron". Read on to find out what the exclusive twenty minute footage contains and of course our initial thoughts of "Tron: Legacy" (based on the sneak preview) are also detailed.

The sneak preview consists of 5 main parts. The first scene starts off in Sam's Apartment. Sam (Garret Hedlund) arrives at his apartment when he is confronted by Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner). Alan informs Sam that he has received a message from Kevin Flynn's old office - Kevin being Sam's missing father. Here we discover that Sam believes that his father abandoned him or either went missing and died. Alan still persuades Kevin to go to the office and throws him the key to Flynn's. Kevin goes to Flynn's and turns on the electricity - amazingly the arcade still works and even rocks a tune by The Journey. Kevin approaches the arcade game "Tron" and tries to insert a coin. When the coin drops to the floor, he discovers that the "Tron" machine is actually a door to a hidden room. The hidden room contains the old computer of Kevin Flynn. Sam explores the computer himself and turns on the laser beam.

The second scene shows Sam already inside "The Grid". He is taken prisoner and shows that programs are being filtered based on their usefulness. Sam is assigned to games - the job assignment programs are avoiding at all costs. He is taken to a pit and his clothes are removed by four girls while being replaced by the suit we are all familiar with. The importance of the identity disc is also briefly explained. After being completely outfitted with the suit and the identity disc activated, Sam asks what he needs to do. One of the girls tells him that he needs to survive.

The third scene showcases discs wars. The combatants are raised into an arena full of cheering and jeering programs. Sam is pitted with an Asian-looking program. Sam does not know what to do at first but pretty soon finds out what disc wars is all about. In disc wars, combatants are pitted one-on-one. The players must use their identity disc as a weapon. The winner is the first player to eliminate his opponent. Think of this as a mix of frisbee and dodge ball with a deadly conclusion. Sam eventually wins by making his opponent fall from the arena floor.

The fourth scene starts with three light cycles chasing a car-like vehicle. Two of the light cycles are eliminated with various devices coming out of the vehicle (James Bond-esque really). The driver is wearing a helmet so initially we don't know who Sam is with. The car escapes the arena by melting the walls. The vehicle jumps into the abyss while the remaining light cycles stop its chase. We find out that the driver is Quorra (Olivia Wilde) and that she has taken same outside the Grid. She explains that light cycles are not designed to travel in the place/terrain they are in. They travel further and soon arrive in a building. The two get of the vehicle.

In the last and final scene, Quorra and Sam arrive in a dark room. Quorra informs the meditating man that he has a visitor. The man is obviously Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) - father and son finally meet after twenty years. Kevin finds out that Alan received a message in his pager from Kevin's old office number and that is why Sam is in the Grid. One important thing we noticed is the reaction of Kevin when he hears this - it seems he was not the one who sent the message.

The sneak preview ends with a montage of clips from the film and showing a young Kevin Flynn look-alike (CLU 2) as Kevin's nemesis. Now what do we think of "Tron: Legacy" after seeing 20 minutes of the film? Well, it sucks because it was awesome and we need to wait two more months to actually see the whole thing. The scenes were truly breath-taking. Our favorite was the third scene when the arena was shown from the top. Definitely, "Tron: Legacy" is a screener on day one come December 17, 2010.

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