White House: Movie Review

Regal Entertainment Inc. is no slouch when creating films - if this was an alternate universe. We all have to face the cold hard truth that Regal Films has been producing film garbage after film garbage and the epidemic seems to be getting worse and worse every passing year. "White House" is their latest attempt at the local horror genre. From our sneak peek, the trailer looks really tacky - using lackluster effects and tired horror tricks that was probably scary if this was the year 1980. Things are looking pretty bad for "White House" but who are we to judge? Read on to find out if our presumptions are correct or mightily wrong.

A local television studio decides to create a new reality television show with a twist. Named Pinoy Horror House, contestants will be locked up at the Laperal White House, an infamous haunted house in Baguio. Contestants lose if they shout out that they cannot take the house anymore. At stake is a cool million pesos. A supposed safe show suddenly turns for the worse when the unthinkable happens - a true evil spirit actually controls the house. One by one, the locked up contestants must find a way to survive the night. Who will win and who will survive from the clutches of the black lady of the Laperal White House?

The whole "White House" experience is just frustrating. We couldn’t believe moviemakers in this day and age would come up with a movie like this and actually boast of it, or even expect people to get their money’s worth. It would take a lot of creativity and originality to scare audience these days and this movie did not even try. The whole story was lousy and worse, it was badly developed and paced. And the surreal ending was just plain bad making us scratch our heads and mutter, "Where did that come from?" The effects as expected were mediocre. We have seen the “scary effects” a million times already - in local films released from years back. We could not stop asking “Why” – "Why are we here?", "Why am I even wasting time watching this?", "Why the hell did I choose this movie in the first place?", "Why is that fake candle flame even here?" - the list goes on and on and on that even the Energizer Bunny would surely lose steam. Simply put, we would not even want you to watch this for free – it’s that bad.

Rating: 0 reels

Why you should watch it:
- Do yourself a favor and just don’t

Why you shouldn’t watch it:
- One of the finalists in the 10 worst local movies of the decade



  1. IMO Regal Films is somewhat stuck in the 80's, though. White House's effect just sucked - BIG TIME! I'm not too excited nor eager to watch this movie, but I'll just watch it for the sake of... being a couch potato.

  2. Just saw this movie earlier, the storyline is lousy, so many cliche, the ending was the best part it made me laugh so hard no noise comes out so I just sit there clapping like a retarded seal, that's what you call surprise ending.

  3. Boring did not even scare me eventhough im alone watching it.