Megamind: Movie Review

With a genre that has been full to the brim the past two or three years, it makes us wonder how some animated films are even garnering accolades. It seems so hard to roll-out a good animated film these days. Up at bat this time around is "Megamind". It has an all-star cast starring Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill. With a plot that sounds all too familiar once more, can "Megamind" actually bring something new into the genre? Can it be better than your average animation film? Read on to find out our verdict.

Only 8 days old, Megamind (Will Ferrell) was blasted out of his home planet by his parents before it was consumed by a massive black hole. The baby alien unfortunately lands on a prison while Metro Man (Brad Pitt), who was shot out of his home planet on similar circumstances, landed on the home of a rich couple. The rivalry of Megamind and Metro Man is born when as teenagers, Metro Man receives all the love while Megamind is left out by their peers. The socially-deviant Megamind decides that being a goody-two-shoes citizen is not his calling. He vows to be the greatest villain in the world and his battle with Metro Man begins. Each time he tries to destroy Metro Man, he fails. Megamind inadvertently discovers the only weakness of Metro Man and kills him with his death ray. Now, with no one to stop him, Megamind deals with the reality that he is on top of the world but is this the thing he really wants?

We enjoyed "Megamind" because of the slapstick humor and outstanding voice-acting. First and foremost, this was a thrill-ride. The effects were top-notch. You have to see the battle by the end of the film to know what we mean. The booming soundtrack was also able to compliment the on-screen antics of the characters. Second, "Megamind" made us laugh from start-to-finish. Props to having movie puns integrated all over the film. Our favorite is Space Dad - a mix of Godfather and Superman's father (Marlon Brando characters if you haven't noticed it yet). Finally, the voice-acting was one of the best we have heard this year. The negative thing with "Megamind" is that it feels familiar all over - it seems like a rehash of many animated films of past. It may try to look new by mixing stories and characters from old films but we were not fooled and audiences will definitely feel the same way too. Sadly, this is the only thing that keeps "Megamind" from becoming a memorable (even a legendary) film. Overall, "Megamind" is a great film for the family just don't expect it to bring more into the animation table.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- funny as hell with outstanding voice acting
- caters to adults and kids alike

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- feels like a complete rehash of different animation films



  1. It's a must see movie of the year...

  2. The music that Hans Zimmer composed for Megamind adds immensely to the film, making the viewer experience the character's emotions more intensely. Zimmer can make any on-screen action seem epic with his expressive compositions.

  3. Nowadays all the stores are full of mega mind characters toys. My kids are crazy about them. They were so happy to see this movie.