Nescafe SoundSkool 2010 Fan Bootcamp Videos

Since its inception in 2005, Nescafe SoundSkool changed the local music scene by creating the first nationwide battle of the bands for college students. Through the years, submissions for the competition has drastically increased - from a few hundred its first year to thousands five years after. This year, Soundskool promises to be more exciting with a new judging system that puts the decision on the student's hands. With bigger prizes at stake, the competition has gotten tighter and better for its fifth incarnation. Catch some videos to learn more about Nescafe SoundSkool 2010 after the jump.

Major Major's Fan Boot Camp 1: "Sikyu"

Major Major puts fans of tomorrow under rigorous training: Headbanging; Practicing the Human Wave; Glowstick Waving; Trying to Get Past Barricades, Gates, Fences & Bouncers! Their first Major Major Challenge is to get past their idol's security.


Major Major's Fan Boot Camp 2: "Kurap"

Through extreme yoga exercises and poses, Major Major teaches fans to focus. Their second Major Major Challenge is to Stay in Line when getting their concert ticket.


Major Major's Fan Boot Camp 3: "Surf"

Major Major makes ultimate fan trainees lift a dummy to strengthen their biceps and core muscles, so they can Catch Body Surfers. Their third Major Major Challenge is to catch band members who jump off the stage.


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