"Skyline" touts to be the biggest surprise hit this year with the film marketing itself to be low-budget from the get-go. Now this formula is definitely feasible - just look at "Paranormal Activity". It was one of the biggest hits in 2009 (and definitely one of the most memorable too) and it already had a sequel released just over a month ago. Obviously, "Paranormal Activity" had something going for it by bringing something unique and fresh into the industry. Were the Brothers Strausse able to deliver a refreshingly new film with "Skyline"? Read on to find out our verdict.

Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and Elaine (Scottie Thompson) go to Los Angeles to celebrate the birthday of Jarrod's best friend Terry (Donald Faison). As daybreak approaches and the party simmers down, glowing blue orbs descend from the sky. One of Terry's employees, Ray (Neil Hopkins), sees the light and is engulfed by it - he is never seen again. The group discovers that the blue orbs are hypnotizing people into it. Soon, the blue orbs disappear into the sky but returns soon after. As the orbs descend once more, big metal alien ships descend into the Earth. The ships unleash chaos as it is obvious that they are capturing every single person they get their hands on. The group must find a means to escape - can they survive the alien invasion?

What makes "Skyline" different from every other film out there right now is it completely sucks. The movie is all flash literally - with no substance in its plot and in its acting. "Skyline" felt like a mish-mash of different films from the past. It is an odd mix of "Transformers", "Independence Day" and maybe even some "Godzilla", all of which don't jive in any shape or form. The clincher for the film is the ending. We won't spoil anything but it will make you hate yourself more for seeing this. As for the acting, it was amateurishly bad especially Eric Balfour. It seems as though "Skyline's" budget was all put up in the Special Effects Division and nothing went into getting more talented actors that might have improved the film's overall quality. "Skyline" tries hard to be cool and to be hip and it obviously shoots itself in the foot by doing this. Instead the film feels old and a bad rehash of successful films that went before it. It is a film not ready for prime time. Maybe it being a made-for-television film could have served it better.

Rating: 0.5 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the effects are the only reason you would want to see this

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- all effects and nothing more
- as much as the effects were top notch, the acting was worse than anything we have seen in years
- the ending just did not make sense and it will make you cry in disbelief



  1. Looks like another visit to www.isohunt.com for this movie! Thanks for the heads up! :o

  2. Probably the most boring, if not cliche movie I've seen. Come on, aliens and zombies?

  3. The negative points are more heavier than the positive one in case of this movie. Its better to drop this movie and try to find other. Thanks for sharing the review and warning us.