Unstoppable: Movie Review

Chris Pine got his big break when he starred as Captain James T. Kirk in 2009's "Star Trek". Unfortunately, it seems as though that Chris Pine has not really capitalized on that opportunity. Yeah, he got some films after that gig but no one would consider those as blockbuster films. "Unstoppable" is probably the next big opportunity Chris Pine has been waiting for - this could show the world that he is more than James T. Kirk and a glimpse of what he is truly capable of as an actor. Well, did he do it? Catch our review of "Unstoppable" after the jump.

A massive locomotive train goes unmanned when a train worker inadvertently leaves it on full throttle while leaving the train. Worse, the train is loaded with highly toxic and highly combustible material that could literally level a small town eight times over. Little by little, everyone hatches different plans to stop the train but to no avail, the locomotive vaporizes everything at its path. Will Colson (Chris Pine), a newly hired conductor, and Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington), a veteran train engineer, start their day normally. When the two are suddenly put into the same track as the unmanned train, both decide that they have the best but incredible solution to stop it from careening off the track in a highly-populated area.

We never dreamed that a movie about a runaway train could be so thrilling and exciting. The makers of "Unstoppable" were able to capture the real life drama so well that the movie made us squeal and hold our breath countless times. The quality of the film came as a surprise to us as we did not know that they can actually shoot so many train scenes brilliantly. The dialogue was pretty witty too. This movie could have been perfect, were it not for the very slow start. However, the moment the train came rushing down the tracks, the action and the thrill literally became unstoppable. Up until now, we couldn’t understand why people like Chris Pine. He never made impact in any of his films (except his role in "Star Trek" because well, that’s "Star Trek"), including this one. Denzel Washington can act with whoever, maybe even a ten year old as a sidekick and this movie would still be good.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- non-stop action the moment the train went running down the track
- excellent sense of humor

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- very slow start which can set you off to sleep



  1. Chris Pine obviously doesn't play the same role or character over again. I remember when he co-starred with Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck, that was a romantic comedy genre. Next, he landed a spot in Star Trek which is far from JML,and now, Unstoppable. IMO that's what makes him interesting.

    Anyway, I liked your review coz others seem to think that the movie's kind of boring.

  2. I can't wait to see this... I hope I could have time this week...

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  3. Very nice, thanks for the information.

  4. the movie was generally good... but i've seen way better denzel movies.

  5. Unstoppable was really interesting. It somehow had the same effect when I watched The Experiment by Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker.

  6. I don't know that I've ever watched a movie with so many whiney ass fuck up characters in it before. So, it's hard to watch. Can you imagine working with Dewey?
    There's probably thousands of people that will watch this, and wonder why Dewey has a job, and they don't