Tron Legacy: Movie Review

2010 is a memorable year. It can definitely lay claim to it being the year that modern 3D films became truly mainstream (some may argue though that this is more of a bad thing than good). The catalyst of this actually came exactly a year ago with James Cameron's groundbreaking "Avatar". No one has ever seen a film so crisp, so clear, so unique in its approach and use of the 3D medium. It's ironic that "Tron Legacy" is also trying to be as groundbreaking as "Avatar" - maybe even more. Its forefather "Tron" was state-of-the-art by presenting the potential of CGI effects almost 30 years ago. Can "Tron Legacy" be as big as a game changer "Tron" was? Read on to find out our exclusive review of "Tron Legacy".

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) is a rebellious 27 year old. Sam is still struggling with the mysterious disappearance of his father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), when he was just 7. When an old friend tells him that he received a page from his father, Sam decides to investigate further at Flynn's Arcade - the place where the unknown page came from. Sam soon discovers that his father had a secret office with an old computer. When he tinkers with it, Sam is pulled inside the computer and finds that it has a living world inside it. Can Sam find his father in this digital world and will he ever be able to go back to our world?

"Tron Legacy" was both a visual and aural feast but it also brought a lot more with a storyline programmed to perfection. What astounds us most about "Tron Legacy" is its ability to mix the old with the new. In fact, the film feels so familiar although you definitely know this is a totally different beast. The beats delivered by Daft Punk mix modernity with beeps, blips and boops from the Eighties and jive well with what's happening on-screen. The storyline, although a bit on the cliche' side, is well-worth the trip. It had its surprises especially on why Kevin Flynn went missing in the first place. The biggest problem with "Tron Legacy" is in the acting department. We just felt that the characters did not show as much depth as they could have potentially. In closing, "Tron Legacy" is just epic. It was an eye-popping film showcasing the abilities of IMAX and all things 3D once more. This is truly a worthy sequel even with almost the 30 year wait. They couldn't have done it better than this.

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- an aural and visual feast from start to finish
- the story was well-written with a few surprises in the middle

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story is a bit on the cliche' side
- acting could have been better



  1. Tron was said to be the second movie with the best special effects since Avatar.

  2. I agree with charaze. I also have the same opinion about this movie do find it the best in animation. I am pleased to see such a great movie and will definitely buy a DVD of this movie.