Cowboys & Aliens: Sneak Peek

"Not another alien invasion movie!" is probably the first reaction most would say when hearing about "Cowboys & Aliens". Well, we think "Cowboys & Aliens" deserves a second look and you know why? It not only stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde but it is actually set in the Western era. What a relief that the alien invasion genre is finally going back in time and honestly, it's one cool era to pick. You don't want to believe us? Then we suggest you check out the trailer after the jump. In our honest opinion, "Cowboys & Aliens" looks extremely fun and more importantly, bad-ass.

"Cowboys & Aliens" is scheduled for release on July 29, 2011. Mark your calendars folks!


  1. The whole idea about this sounded so dumb that I was in for this from the start, haha. I´m also a fan of honesty in titles so what you see is what you get. Will get ready with a solid popcorn diet and hit the theatre as soon as possible...
    Thanks for the nice review, like your blog. Feel free to browse by the one I´m writing for if you like
    All the best