Atlas Shrugged: Part 1: Sneak Peek

Who would have thought that a film could be so deep into development hell that it would take almost four decades before it finally gets released. The film we are talking about here is "Atlas Shrugged: Part 1". The film's history is an intriguing one as the first proposal for a film adaptation happened in 1972. Obviously, nothing happened as the adaptation rights were passed down through the years - heck, they even tried to do several television adaptations and nothing really ever happened. At some point, a 2004 two-part movie was proposed with a cast composed of A-list stars like Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt. We are pretty sure that minus the big name stars, everyone is just glad that a film adaptation for Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" is finally getting released. Catch the trailer after the jump.

"Atlas Shrugged: Part 1", the first movie in a planned trilogy, is slated for an April 15, 2011 release date in the United States.
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