Sucker Punch: Movie Review

"Inception" was one of the most celebrated films last year. The film tackled the power of the mind and dreams in a way never heard or seen before. "Sucker Punch", on paper, is the evil bad-ass brother of "Inception". "Sucker Punch" features a young woman trapped in a mental hospital who imagines her escape using visuals produced by her own mind. Whereas "Inception" was able to feature a folding city (boring right?), "Sucker Punch" brings in giant samurai warriors, a fire-breathing dragon, sleek robots, and steam punk Nazis all-in-one box. what's scary though is that it seems like "Sucker Punch" is more flash than anything else and we all know how those movies tend to suck. Read on to find out what we think of "Sucker Punch"

Baby Doll (Emily Browning) has been locked up against her will at a mental hospital when her step-father sends her there to prevent her from revealing the truth. Determined to fight for her freedom, Baby Doll convinces four other girls to join her cause of getting four key items in which they will use for escape. The items are a map, fire, a knife and a key. An unknown fifth item needs to be discovered by Baby Doll herself. The five girls embark on a fantasy-filled adventure riding on Baby Doll's unique ability to vividly imagine different worlds.

"Sucker Punch" suffers for the most part because it is a one-sided affair. "Sucker Punch" makes you feel that it is biased towards a certain gender. The boys will definitely love it for the game-like action, visuals and of course, lest we forget, the babes. The females might hate it for the same exact reasons mentioned above. Worse, the film feels like a mish-mash of ideas that lacks any creativity or vision. Honestly speaking, the first half feels repetitive and uninspired and the main driver of the plot (Baby Doll's ability to imagine while dirty dancing) is a bitter pill to swallow. What saves "Sucker Punch" from utter disaster is the twist near the end and truly brings to light its slogan, "You will be unprepared". It was also a catch-all to all the loopholes we encountered during the first half - hopefully it was explicitly designed this way and if not, Zack Snyder was surely lucky. "Sucker Punch" features visuals that rivals any movie out there. It has a unique vision only seen from films made by Snyder himself. Unfortunately, it lacks polish in some key areas. Thread lightly as it is literally a love-or-hate affair due to its unusual nature or else you just might feel you have been sucker punched the wrong way.

Rating: 2 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- the epic visuals will barrage you from start to finish
- an awesome twist near the end saves the film from complete failure

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the film feels like a convoluted mess of ideas that never jive together
- the first part was repetitive and lacked creativity
- the acting should have been way better
- this film is more of a one-sided affair (for the boys)



  1. I saw this movie last night with my family. It was awful! The only thing any of us really enjoyed was the music. The "mental journeys" were over done to the point that you were waiting for it to just be over. The acting and costuming in these scenes was actually comical-Sailor Moon meets Xena warrior princess combined with bad video game cinematography.
    The film's concept and story line itself had potential but was destroyed by too many unclear directions. I would not waste my time or money on this film- even on video.

  2. I went into this movie expecting it to be a kickass action flick and I was not disappointed. I'm a girl and was not put off by the t&a and neither was my girlfriend. I went in to be entertained, and that was exactly what 'Sucker Punch' delivered on. Then again, I am an anime and video game fan, so perhaps that might have been what I found appealing about this movie.

    Bottom line: if you want deep, watch 'Inception.' If you want great action, SFX, and awesome music, see 'Sucker Punch.'

  3. I have to say..the movie was a lot like the title... it sucked!.. badly.... my friends asked me not to read the reviews or anything about the movie so it would be a suspense for all of us. We watched the movie expecting something truly enjoyable. Turns out it was just lame. But the music and sound effects were amazing.

    The realistic things were farfetched though.. I mean, who could just jump back without a bruise after being hit by a giant samurai warrior?..

  4. For an avid video gamer and Japanese anime fan like me, "Sucker Punch" was an absolute joy to watch.

    Many viewers didn't get the movie because they don't play video games or watch anime. All the video game elements from the tutorial to leveling up to collecting items were all on point.

    Even the boss battles and the twist at the end were faithful to what you would expect from a RPG or MMORPG, for that matter.

    Sure, the movie is not for everybody. But for me, "Sucker Puch" is definitely a knock out!

  5. I actually really enjoyed it. I disagree that it's a one-sided affair since even my girlfriend enjoyed it. :)

  6. Amazing to me just how naive and willfully narrow-minded those in the media choose to be. The number 1 comedy in Amercia ( or close, not sure because I don't watch the brainless programming on Fox or any other network) is about a low-life womanizing addict who runs a half-way house for his equally stunted brother and child; this is allegedly charming and witty. Amazing that critics who are feeding their families by supporting this and other exploitation mediums/products ( ie most "romantic" comedies, anything on the CW, reality tv, Adam Sandler movies, Matt McConnaghey movies, magazine racks at the store, most video games, really it's everything we see and hear) didn't stop to listen to what Snyder was saying or realize the daring brilliance in baiting the audience withe fetish based objectification so prominant in the entertainment industry and our daily lives. Brittany Spears launched a career based on teasing the idea of statutory rape. See any current or ex-Disney starlet and how popular they are with people twice their age and you'll see the message and purpose of Sucker Punch. You were supposed to feel uncomfortable. The objectification of women (especially age 15-30) is an emotional imprisonment; from skinny jeans to Victoria's Secret. EVERY woman has experienced the power she wields with her sexuality and every women has used the that to feel powerful and gain the upper hand on the prison guard, sometimes simultaneously. Sometimes simultaneoulsy loathing and enjoying it. If you don't know that then you might not know the one your with as well as you think. Sucker Punch is mindless, challenging, thought provoking and threatening all in one breath and Snyder should be applauded for daring to make a moving in a context that he knew would be misunderstood and villified. Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) said it best; (paraphrasing) "this isn't titillating, this is sick".

  7. This movie was just weird....My mother died watching it. And a priest spontaneously caught on fire. 4/10