Beastly: Movie Review

"Beastly" scares us and you know why? Because with "Twilight's" success, it seems that a new trend is starting to pop-up. You know, translating old fairytale elements into modern renditions. We would not be scared if we are seeing quality films coming out but it seems that getting money is the only goal here - not really creating memorable, quality movies for the moviegoers. Well, "Beastly" has been finally released at our pearly shored. Read on to find out if "Beastly" surprised us or not.

Kyle Kingston (Alex Pettyfer) is rich, popular and most importantly handsome. His belief in life is that the beautiful always get what they want. When Kyle wins as his high school's president, he bullies Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen), otherwise known as the Witch. Kendra decides that enough is enough when Kyle embarrasses her at his victory party and puts a cruel spell on Kyle. Kendra reveals that Kyle is going to be ugly, as ugly as his inner self, unless he finds a woman who will love him beyond his exterior looks. He has one year to change and find true love or else he will stay ugly and beastly for the rest of his life.

"Beastly" falls prey to a botched story elements and amateurish acting. Too bad because it is a good film to begin with. "Beastly" was way better than what we expected it to be but it can never escape the fact that it feels like a made for television movie. What makes "Beastly" somewhat good though is when it decides to stick to the source material that inspired it. When it decides to deviate, it utterly fails. There are a lot of moments when nothing makes sense, when things feel forced. As for the acting, it was nothing spectacular. The best was probably Neil Patrick Harris with his humor and charm but even his performance seemed uninspired being to close to his Barney persona from the hit series "How I Met Your Mother". "Beastly" will make you feel in love while watching it but it is a forgettable one at best.

Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the film surprisingly makes you want to cry at times
- successfully tugs at your emotions

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- amateurish feel and acting
- the story was poorly-written with many unbelievable elements happening on-screen



  1. I like how they weave it into the plot for Lindy to end up living with Kyle since this is a modern story. The introduction of poetry is funny because Kyle acts like he is so “all that” when he was in school but now he’s befuddled to win over a simple girl. The poetry makes them both feel awkward which is so great for seeing kids fumble through this. When I came across this on Blockbuster’s website I thought “hey, this looks great” but I couldn’t find the message by the end other than don’t be afraid of failing. Honestly the only redeeming quality is that the movie was free because I got my 3 month subscription to DVD’s by mail from Blockbuster as a new DISH Network customer. Even though I’m an employee of DISH I still got the free membership.