Justin Bieber: Never Say Never: Movie Review

Concert movies are becoming quite popular and we personally think they are great. In fact, the first movie we ever reviewed here is a concert movie. It is definitely the next best thing when it seems impossible for your favorite artist to come to your country for a concert or when the ticket prices are just too high. Concert movies shown in theaters have also added an additional feature of playing them in 3D – making the experience even more immersive and real than ever before. We think it is about time the worldwide teenage and Youtube phenomenon, Justin Bieber, gets a chance to be shown on the big screen. Can this movie satisfy the screaming fans worldwide and the non-fans alike? Read on to find out what we think about "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never".

They say that the ultimate test of an artist’s success is if he can sell out the world-renowned Madison Square Garden. "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" basically follows Justin Bieber ten days before his sold out MSG concert. We do not only see his rehearsals and the actual MSG concert but we also see footages telling the story of his childhood and his meteoric and sudden rise to stardom. As usual, we also get interviews of people closest to the teen phenom.

We want to judge the movie based on two things, the quality of the documentary and the concert 3D. Watching the film, you can see that the talent of this kid is simply undeniable, a God-given gift that a majority of us wish we had at childbirth. However, we felt that his story was not told completely. Yes, we get to discover that by a young age, Justin Bieber can do drums, play the guitar and even sing but the movie did not go deeper into the hardships and trials that led him to where he is today. For example, the movie never develops his relationship with his parents who got separated when he was a baby. As for the concert, it is rightfully brilliant. In fact it was so entertaining that it is not a surprise if non-Bieber fans start becoming “Beliebers”. The 3D effects were amazing; probably at par (or even better) with "U2 3D" or even better. Overall, "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" is a great concert movie. It has outstanding visuals, it has its moments and it rightfully lets us see a glimpse of Justin Bieber as a human being.

Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- great visuals, probably one of the best uses of 3D we have seen
- the concert itself was brilliantly made
- amazingly, never a dull moment arose when we watched this

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the movie forgets to develop some back stories in Justin Bieber's life
- in our honest opinion, a few scenes seem scripted

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