Forever and a Day: Movie Review

"Forever and a Day" has its protagonist Eugene working as a shoe designer and a champion runner. What is really ironic for "Forever and a Day" is it forgets one of the tenements in running. Pacing is probably one of the most important things a runner should always remember when practicing or being in an actual race. Go to slow then you won't get that best time but go to fast then you will see yourself limping to the finish line. The biggest sin for the the film is it lacks proper pacing and that completely ruins everything. Read on for the complete review of "Forever and a Day".

Eugene (Sam Milby) has just added another marathon in his list of accomplishments. Everything seems to be working out as planned until his boss finds out that Eugene has been lying to him about his shoes' success. Eugene, in a fit of rage, decides to take an unannounced leave of absence in Bukidnon to getaway from his problems at work. There he meets a girl named Raffy (KC Concepcion) who seems to be the complete opposite of Eugene. Eugene is adventurous and happy-go-lucky while Raffy seems to be too scared and too careful to do anything. Eugene is successful though in changing Raffy's outlook in life as they do one death-defying activity to another. Both eventually fall in love but their sad realities and secrets are pulling them apart from each other.

The film starts off blisteringly fast to the point that the relationship between Eugene and Raffy shallow and forced. In an instant, Raffy falls in love with Eugene (and vice versa) even with all the shenanigans the guy does to her. And yet, as fast as the first half of the film was, it was doubly slow the second half. Cheesy dialogue after cheesy dialogue made us cringe in disbelief. Yes, the first time was really romantic but after seeing another conversation the nth time became really boring and repetitive. It's sad knowing that the film actually has something meaningful to say but gets buried with tacky one-liners (and Sam Milby's song playing as accompaniment to the moment). "Forever and a Day" had everything to be a worthwhile movie. It had a great story, a really deep and emotional premise and surprisingly, outstanding chemistry from its lead actors. All of that was thrown away because it just didn't know what it wanted to be - to be that typical, cheesy romantic flick or a more serious and mature experience. A mix of both worlds led to an unbalanced movie with an unbelievable start to a boring snore-fest by the end.

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- amazingly, there was great chemistry between Sam Milby and KC Concepcion
- had a story that's actually fresh from a local romance film
- buried somewhere is a meaningful experience about living and loving life

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the pacing was really bad. It starts off really fast and ends with a very slow thud
- amazingly, even with an emotional premise, we did not shed a single tear (that's how bored we were)



  1. I agree with your review regarding the pacing but I thought the movie deserves more than 2 reels... The actors did great and I was moved especially by KC who was really a revelation in this movie... and it's not the typical Filipino film... I love it... one of my favorites actually...

  2. I have not seen the movie but I will give a try to see how bad or good this movie. I seen the preview seems interesting. I love to see the waterfalls, the views and the characters. I respect all the actresses and actors who put a lot of effort to make movies just to make people happy or sad. Amazing people who had that talent. Good luck!!!

  3. I heard this movie is boring but i will try to watch. Too bad not playing in LA.

  4. I don't agree that this movie is boring, KC nd Sam did a wonderful job in this movie. If you watch this movie and did not shed a single tear, or at least feel the sadness, I guess the person did not have a heart to feel the suffering of the unfortunate cancer patients, the moral of the story? life your life to the fullest.