Pepsi Pinas Just Shows Why We Need Local Action Movies Again

Ace Vergel, Rudy Fernandez, Ronnie Rickets, Eddie Garcia. Names kids these days probably have never heard off. Philippine action movies were campy, mindless, plastered with corny (yet memorable) one-liners and if you have seen one then you probably have seen them all. We definitely miss the times when the predominant genre in the local scene were action films (not drama, not romance, not comedy). As low-budgeted as they were, it always made us smile with the sheer craziness happening on-screen - it's so bad that it's so good. Lucky for the young ones, Pepsi has just presented an ode to the action films of old. Catch it after the break and be utterly mesmerized. Nice one Pepsi!



  1. there are no action movies... period! dang!

  2. hello..coming by to visit..hope you can drop me an email... and quote your blog.. thanks!