Unlimited Movies in the Cinema? Now Possible with MoviePass!

Unlimited anything seems to be the biggest thing right now and if you think the trend stops at food then you are definitely wrong. Thanks to MoviePass, a service being piloted in San Francisco, movie fanatics can now watch unlimited movies in 21 participating theaters. The damage? $50 (P2,150) a month for the unlimited service and $30 (P1,290) for 4 movies. There's also extra fee of $3 (P129) when choosing IMAX. Not the most economical considering that movies locally are at the P200 ($5) range (and definitely not the cheapest rates to begin with). It is still a pretty awesome idea that we have to see in the coming months. Here's the definite thing though - we won't be surprised if some of the big mall chains in the Metro actually implement the same idea.

Source: MoviePass via Gizmodo

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